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For those of you who love retro gaming, specifically cartridge-based games, you'll be happy to know there's a new, portable gaming device called the . The new console allows you to play all of your favorite cartridge games from the '80s and '90s.

The Retro Freak console is compatible with:

  • NES cartridges,
  • Famicom (Japanese NES),
  • Super Famicom (Japanese SNES),
  • SNES,
  • Gameboy,
  • Gameboy Color,
  • Gameboy Advance,
  • Mega Drive,
  • Genesis,
  • Game Gear,
  • Mark III,
  • Sega-1000 cartridges,
  • and all TurboGrafx cartridges, domestic and Japanese based.

Retro Gaming Is Making A Comeback With The 'Retro Freak' Console

The Retro Freak is a 12-in-portable console, specifically for cartridge based games. The gaming system also possesses the capability to play emulators so any downloaded ROMs can be installed and played as well, but we'd strongly encourage you to buy and use real cartridges. Check out UNILAD's promotional video for the Retro Freak below.

The system also comes with an attachable accessory which allows for play of Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Mark III, and Sega-1000 cartridges, adding yet an even larger library of retro gaming to play. Although, if you're one for emulators, you can easily download roms for Sega Genesis games.

[Credit: Cyber Gadget]
[Credit: Cyber Gadget]

Capabilities Of The 'Retro Freak' Console

As for additional capabilities, the Retro Freak comes with a built-in system for adding in cheats and saving game progress. A big flaw with cartridge gaming in the past was saving games but with the Retro Freak, there's no worry about saving since the system comes with a user-friendly menu. And for those of you thinking about controllers, the Retro Freak has its own signature controller but it's also compatible with USB connected devices.

While this new console may be a dream for all retro gamers, it's quite difficult to find cartridge games that haven't been personally maintained. There are definitely outlets to purchase cartridge games but the market for them now is very small in comparison to what they were say 10 years ago.

[Credit: Cyber Gadget]
[Credit: Cyber Gadget]

Regardless, this new console presents us with a look at what gaming should be in the modern age. In an age where technology is evolving faster than we can keep up, it's definitely good to see that something is being done on that end to keep retro gaming alive. Today's generation of gamers are too preoccupied with what's new that they don't take the time to appreciate what came before and that's where the Retro Freak will teach the new generation why retro gaming is worth taking an interest in. Maybe younger gamers can now learn how to blow on a game to get it to work.

Are you excited for the Retro Freak console? And what games are you most excited to play? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

For more info on the Retro Freak console, check out the support page for Retro Freak.


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