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A new Pokémon game is always exciting and so much of the spotlight on Sun & Moon has been on all the crazy cool Alola Forms and all the strange and awesome new Gen 7 Pokémon. But that means we've often overlooked all the other older-gen Pokémon available to catch in the game.

And, honestly, you need to go catch yourself a Slowpoke as soon as you can. Let me explain.

Slowpoke isn't just solid overall and a great Water type, but also gets three early moves that are just plain awesome in Sun & Moon:

  • Disable: The last move used by a foe is unusable for 4 turns
  • Yawn: The turn after this Pokémon Yawns, the foe will fall asleep
  • Confusion: Moderately strong Psychic move that can inflict confusion

In most Pokémon games, status effects are pretty useless until the end-game or until you begin to battle other real-life trainers. For the most part, Sun & Moon is no different: it's not like you NEED Sand Attack or Growl to get through the game!

However, the Totem Pokémon in the Trials present some unique challenges that make status effect moves and debuffs much more useful.

Slowpoke Can Stop "Call For Help" With Yawn

Many Pokémon, Totems in particular, will call for other allies to help them in combat. This means that you'll often be fighting a 2 vs 1 battle!

Usually, if you defeat the ally that pops up, Totem Pokémon will just summon another one at the end of their turn. This mechanic can be really tough to beat, especially against the Lurantis in Mallow's Trial.

So, Slowpoke's Yawn is a great counter here. Slowpoke can put an ally to sleep (or the Totem Pokémon to sleep!) and take the fight back down to a 1 vs 1 battle without prompting a Totem to just immediately summon another ally.

Disable Stops Totem Pokémon Heals and Strongest Moves

Now, Yawn isn't the only way to incapacitate a foe in a battle - Slowpoke gets Confusion fairly early and many other Pokémon get access to sleep or paralyze effects too!

However, not many of them have such a reliable and strong move so early AND few of those Pokémon also get the ability Disable so early.

  • Since Totem Pokémon fights are often longer and more dragged out than any other fights – in part due to the constant allies – Totems using hard hitting moves and heals become more effective than usual.
  • Mallow's Level 24 Totem Lurantis, for example, has a healing ability on top of tons of defense. Even with a Fire type Pokémon an a Z move, it can be hard to negate the heal and deal with that allied Pokémon!

So, Slowpoke can put any foe's ally to sleep with Yawn, then Disable a heal or other strong move, and can confuse a foe. That all makes this a very strong status-inflicting Pokémon! While Slowpoke might go down in some of the tougher fights, its effects are well worth the slot on your team.

Plus, Slowpoke is always an awesome, powerful Water/Psychic type Pokémon! And just look at that face. The best. Go ahead and catch one and you'll have a great permanent place on your roster as you progress through the Trials and Kahunas of Pokémon Sun & Moon!

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