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Nioh is out, and beating it is no easy task. The samurai action RPG easily rivals in difficulty, but without all that time we've had to get used to the punishment it doles out. Previously, we've brought you guides on the basics of combat, how to beat the Onryoki boss and how to manage your ki. But in order to get that far in , you're going to have to defeat the bloodthirsty tutorial boss, who's already proving quite a roadblock.

'Nioh': How To Defeat Derrick The Executioner

Derrick may seem like a daunting foe at first, with his powerful, wide reaching swipes. But with a little bit of guidance he's a cinch. Here's how to tackle your first boss in Nioh.

The First Phase

[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]

The key to defeating Derrick in his first phase is simple: keep your distance. At close range, Derrick will unleash slow, powerful strikes, usually with a wide arc that's difficult to dodge through. Once you're out of his reach however, he'll almost always default to using the same move, a fast, forward charge that's heavily telegraphed and easy to punish.

Once you see Derrick lower his head to charge you, dodge to the right or left. Derrick will launch himself forward and past you, when he does, turn around and lay one to three attacks into his back for extra damage. If you're using a slow, heavy weapon or stance, such as the axe or high stance katana, stick to a single slash, then back off. Make sure not to overextend your ki usage, or you'll find yourself helpless. Derrick should go down very quickly.

The Second Phase - Derrick The Demon

[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]

Once Derrick is resurrected and turned into a demon by Kelley, he'll be bigger, tougher, faster and have a better move set. Luckily, he's still vulnerable to the same approach as the first phase. Hang outside of his reach until he charges, dodge to the side, and then attack his back.

Stay cautious and don't attack too many times. Derrick in phase two trades in single, powerful swipes for multi-hit combos that are faster and just as strong, so it's better to get one hit and back off than go for three and get destroyed by a combo. If you get injured, back off, let Derrick charge, dodge him, then heal when you'd normally attack.

Should Derrick's ki bar get low enough that it starts flashing, jump in quickly and launch a combo, he'll be stunned until he can recover his ki.

Once Derrick's health gets low enough, you'll be given a prompt to unleash your guardian spirit. Once you do so, a cut-scene should play, ending the fight. Good job! Keep following our guides and you'll have beaten Nioh in time to enjoy the final DLC for , The Ringed City.

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