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The bosses in Nioh will laugh at William's pathetic weapons, knock him to the ground, deliver a swift kick to his balls and then munch on them for good measure. They ain't messing around—and neither is Hino-Enma.

Even though she's one of the earlier bosses in the game, Hino assumes that you understand a few things about . You'll need to have your wits about you and a belt full of tricks in order to catch her off guard, especially with that whole paralysis thing. And the teeth. My god, the teeth.

How To Beat Hino-Enma In 'Nioh'

"I'm heeeere." [Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]
"I'm heeeere." [Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]

First thing you'll notice is that... Hino-Enma is weird. One of the weirder bosses in Nioh. You see her clutching to one of the corpses she's got tied to the ceiling, contentedly munching away. She's also wearing nothing, which, if you're familiar with game design and its relationship with women, will not surprise you at all.

But once she drops down and charges towards you, she bares her fangs. Get ready for a tough fight, samurai. Let's break down how to beat Hino-Enma!

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: It's All About Paralysis

If you bring anything into Hino-Enma's arena, let it be equipment that prevents paralysis. Hino-Enma uses a variety of attacks that will ultimately culminate in William freezing on the spot for a few seconds should they hit him, leaving him completely vulnerable to moves that kill. We recommend avoiding these paralyzing attacks altogether, obviously, but Hino-Enma is probably going to get you a few times regardless, so keep this stuff in mind:

  • You can find a talisman that boosts your defense against paralysis in the surrounding area before the boss fight, or perhaps you'll get lucky and an enemy will drop one. But be sure to keep wandering the caves until you happen upon the specific talisman.
  • Enemies will also drop Archer's gear throughout this area. Though it will almost certainly lower your stats, the boost against paralysis this type of equipment grants is worth it.
  • You're going to want a lot of acupuncture needles. These Anitiparalytic Needles instantly relieve William of paralysis, so we recommend you stock up on them and shortcut them for the fight. The second you become paralyzed, press the corresponding button and William will be free to run around again. You'll collect them by killing enemies and they can also be purchased from the blacksmith. They're pretty cheap.

Important: Don't go wasting your acupuncture needles during the first few attempts of defeating Hino-Enma. Learn her attack patterns first and save the needles for when you're really ready to take her on.

How To Take The Fight To Hino-Enma

[Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]
[Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]

The first thing Hino-Enma will do is fly across the arena straight for William. Dodge the attack. She'll do this every time you restart. Once she's in close proximity, she'll start with a few different attack patterns. Block them, or get out of the way of them altogether. We recommend actually sprinting away from her attacks and then landing one or two hits once she's completed a combo. She'll launch into these attack patterns every time she's close to you, so learn them well. Look for small windows in this fight; take risks or try to be too aggressive and she will annihilate you!

On that note, when she starts her whirlwind attack, get out of the way! This move will take so much of your health if it lands and if you're blocking, all of your Ki will be drained, leaving you open to a devastating killing blow. Just stand back and then hit her once she's done. Try use a stance that takes up the least amount of Ki coupled with a powerful weapon. If you slash away at her with two shortswords you'll be here all day. A spear in low stance will deliver a nice punch while ensuring you keep your distance.

Hino-Enma also boasts a ton of long-range moves. She has a shout that launches a paralyzing blast of air—which can be dodged by rolling toward her at the instant she shouts—and a move that sees her fly into the sky. When she's in the air she can throw some knives, try more paralyzing shouts or ultimately charge at you. Don't try and attack her, you can dodge the former two easy enough and once she's dove down for her swoop attack, dodge in order to get the timing right. It needs to be just after she dives towards the ground, any earlier and she'll nab you. And that attack really hurts.

[Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]
[Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]

On top of all this, make sure you avoid the Yokai Realms she creates on the ground. You need a lot of Ki for this fight, so ensure that you remain nimble.

But one of the best moments to deal a ton of damage to Hino-Enma is after she tries to bite you. She has a grab move that she only attempts when close to William. If she gets him in it, she pulls him in close and eats his face, and not in a sexual way. It looks really painful. However, if she misses William, she becomes staggered for a second or two while she recuperates (she gets really sad that she couldn't eat him). This is the perfect opportunity for you to land a few devastating attack moves that can drain her health and Ki. If you drain all of her Ki, you have huge opportunities to unleash visceral combos on her. If you're feeling brave, fight next to her in order to tease this move out and then capitalize on the miss.

[Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]
[Credit: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment]

If you keep all of this in mind, and ensure that you have enough equipment to tackle the paralysis nonsense, Hino-Enma will crumble before you. Just ensure that you don't wear heavy armor that will prevent you from running and dodging at all times. She's super fast, so you need to match that speed.

With that, you should be ready to take on Hino-Enma! She's tough, but we have faith. Learn those attack patterns, samurai, and victory will be yours!

What do you think of Nioh? Did you manage to beat Hino-Enma?

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