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So, you're well on your way through Resident Evil 7 and you've finally made it out of the main house. Congratulations! Chances are you're also quite a ways through the bug-infested Old House and you've already exchanged words with the family matriarch—even better! But now she's crawled into darkness and you're not sure what's next. Brace yourselves!

Survive The Marguerite Baker Greenhouse Boss Fight With These Tips!

We don't hear much from mama Baker after we reject her delicious body-parts gumbo. We encounter her in the video stealth mission as Mia but she becomes suspiciously silent for the first half of the game. Little do we know, it's because she's turning into, uh, this:

'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

During 's third boss fight, Marguerite Baker becomes more of a Marge and starts shooting bugs out of her cooter. After the close-quarters combat of the first two Jack boss fights, this battle can be a bit daunting.

You've got two levels of a rickety greenhouse to navigate and no time to scavenge for supplies before the big fight starts. Unless you've come armed to the teeth, you will struggle a bit here.

That's okay! Thankfully Marguerite has got a pretty steady pattern that makes things a bit less deadly if you've got the upper hand.

When Does It All Go Down?

'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

Though you'll first come face-to-face with Marguerite in the Old House, it's toward the end of your business there, so she mainly just makes things a bit difficult by leaving bugs everywhere. There's a short round of fisticuffs when she throws you down a hole into the ground but after a few shots to the face, she's pretty much done.

The main fight with Marguerite takes place in the Greenhouse—which you'll be able to reach via that same hole. But before you head in, you should get set up with the stuff you'll need. The Greenhouse yard is actually just behind Zoe's trailer so stocking-up is relatively straightforward.

What Will You Need?

I can just hear the choral "Hallelujah"s surrounding that backpack. 'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
I can just hear the choral "Hallelujah"s surrounding that backpack. 'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

Here is a recommended supplies layout:

  • Burner & fuel
  • Shotgun & ammo
  • Pistol & ammo
  • Psychostimulants
  • Pre-prepared health*
  • Chem fluid (for mid-battle synthesis)

*You really won't have time to mix things in the beginning!

How Do You Defeat Her?

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Get yourself situated on the upper level of the Greenhouse in the Sun Room section (the area with all of the windows). This is a prime vantage point because you'll be able to see Marguerite whenever she leaves and pops back up.

If you miss her re-entry, you know exactly where you can go for refuge and it'll always put enough distance between the two of you. The key thing to remember with this method is: patience. Don't chase her—you risk getting lost and giving her the upper hand.

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

If Marguerite manages to knock you down, take the psychostimulants and scout the area for supplies. This is the only time I would tell anyone to do this because outside of being forced downstairs, I do not recommend hanging around. There are a sh*tload of holes in the area for her to pop out of. Do what you have to do and run back upstairs!

While you hang out on the upper floor, be careful not to stand near the shelves on the far side for too long, she likes to pull Ethan downstairs on her way back up. Stay closer to the building side of the level if you need to camp out for a moment.

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

If you're good with head shots, focus on using the handgun to get her off of the walls and cause damage when she's walking toward you. If you can manage this method, you'll be able to save a lot of the better ammo.

If you're not so good with head shots, shoot that unfortunately placed womb until she falls off of the wall. You can do this with the shotgun or the handgun.

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Once she's on the ground flailing, keep shooting her womb nest thing. It's going to cause the most damage. Keep your distance though. Apparently her spindly arms will hurt you.

As we all know, good things come in threes—but the "threes" are less clear here. If you don't do enough damage when she's on the ground, she just starts the stalk and wall crawl pattern again. So, just keep at this routine and you should be able to prevent losing tons of valuable ammo and raw materials in this battle.

These Are Some Things You May Not Want To Do In The Greenhouse...

Don't use your grenade launcher! A lot of people out there will recommend making use of the grenade launcher here. While it does make things a lot easier, you'll wish you still had all of the ammo you'll waste here when you reach a late-game battle that makes you question whether or not you should have ever been born.

I don't recommend using the burner on Marge unless you are in a pinch. It's better suited for the random bugs she'll give birth to (whenever you hear her groaning) and the spiders on the cabinets that have good supplies in them.

I'm also not convinced that the burner does much damage on her. Think, Alien: Isolation—it's more of a deterrent. The damage done with it is slower and opens you up for attacks.

Now that you've got the tools to succeed, I expect that you'll be able to swat Marge from the walls like the fly that she is so you can move on to bigger and deadlier things. Good luck!

You can be sure to collect everything you'll need with our handy guides:


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