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This is it, friends. The end of the Dark Souls franchise as we know it. The Ringed City brings about the death of one of the most influential game series' in the history of the medium and it'll be sad to see it go (but I couldn't be happier that the games were still good when they wrapped). There's just one enemy standing in the way, one last foe to beat before you've played every bit of Dark Souls 3.

How To Beat Slave Knight Gael And Where To Find Him In 'Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City' DLC

Haven't checked out the awesome trailer for Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City yet?

FromSoftware sure want to go out with a bang, and the way they've decided to do it is with Slave Knight Gael. It'll take all of your strength and knowledge of mechanics to overcome this beasty and he's certainly the most difficult foe in The Ringed City DLC. First off, here's how to find him.

  • Location: Slave Knight Gael is found at Filianore's Rest. He can be seen consuming the Pygmy Lords to obtain the Dark Soul of Man.

So, with that, shall we finish ?

Slave Knight Gael: Stage One

Slave Knight Gael in 'Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City' [Credit: Bandai Namco]
Slave Knight Gael in 'Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City' [Credit: Bandai Namco]

After you find Slave Knight Gael lurking behind a dune in the wastes, he proclaims that he wants your Dark Soul and then hurls a body at you. Gentleman. With that, the fight begins.

Gael will dash towards you and try to land a big old swing, so roll until he's finished, then commence to whacking. This is essentially how the first stage of the fight should be handled. Let him attack, dodge at the last second, then land a nice hit of your own—this really should see you through. However, Slave Knight Gael has a few variations on his standard attack during stage one:

  • When he backs off: This means Gael is about to lunge. When he comes at you, fire in his eyes, roll towards him and he should miss. If this attack lands, you'll be impaled and lose far too much health. Don't let him stab you, Ashen One.
  • When he screams: This means he's about to perform a flurry attack. But if you roll under each swing, you should escape with your head intact. You can also roll backwards provided there's enough space to your back. But while he's actually screaming, you'll have a chance to swing away at the wailing ass.

This'll get you through stage one. But the next one is a little bit tougher.

Slave Knight Gael: Stage Two

We'll hurt you some more, Gael. [Credit: Bandai Namco]
We'll hurt you some more, Gael. [Credit: Bandai Namco]

So, Slave Knight Gael has a few more tricks up his sleeve in round two. He boasts greater reach, he's got himself a crossbow, the odd energy projectile will hurdle your way and all his attacks now have a deadly energy wake. Perfect.

While he deals a lot more damage in this round, you can still fight him in a similar manner to stage one: stay close and match every hit with one of your own. Dodge left and right at the last second and he should miss. I also enjoyed using the thrones scattered about the place to block him if things became a bit too intense. But what you really have to be careful for in stage two, are the projectiles and that downward swing.

  • Avoiding projectiles: A simple dodge to the left or right should get you out of the way of Slave Knight Gael's crossbow and energy projectiles. However, the energy blasts act as boomerangs, so if they go past you—you got it—they're coming back! Be sure to keep this in mind and the projectiles shouldn't bother you all that much. Also attacks with the crossbow can be interrupted if you attack him fast enough. You're welcome.
  • Downward swing: This is one move that you should keep an eye out for. If Gael smacks you with it, he hurts you on the way down and back up. So you'll actually have to dodge twice to make sure that this has no effect on your slender/wide frame.

Slave Knight Gael: Stage Three

Ah sh*t. [Credit: Bandai Namco]
Ah sh*t. [Credit: Bandai Namco]

Ohh, he's mad now. You've whittled him down to less than a third of his health and Slave Knight Gael is going to try one last time to finish you off. Stage three kicks off when the big guy starts screaming. He'll curl up into a ball as he gathers energy, all of which is released in a plume of dark magic which you can see above. But while he's screaming, you should be able to get two or three hits in. Then back off and let him yell.

Once that's done, he'll be coming at you with death orbs, his sword and lightning—oh, my! But what you've been doing is still applicable. Stay close to him and return attacks with attacks. However, if there's a scorch on the floor beneath you, it means lighting is about to strike. Get out of it. He deals a massive amount of damage in this stage of the fight, so be sure to stay nimble, friends.

With all of this in mind, you should be able to finish the final fight in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City. Let us know how it went!


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