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You may have noticed that when you catch a in Sun and Moon, a little QR box appears next to it in your Pokédex. And while these QR codes can occasionally be used in promotional content — like the legendary Megearna from this month — they're primarily used to share Pokédex entries with other players.

That part, you probably knew. But what you may not know (or may not have paid much attention to) is the Island Scan feature that accompanies the QR Scanner. However, you definitely want to pay attention, because Island Scan allows you to catch older-generation Pokémon such as Totodile and Cyndaquil that can't normally be caught on .

But before you grab your 3DS and go scan crazy, you should know: Pokémon from Island Scan only appear on specific days and specific islands. Thankfully, we have the breakdown of which Pokémon are found where and when.

How To Use The Island Scan Feature

Okay, I promise we do have the Pokémons' locations, but if you've never used Island Scan feature, you need to know a few things before using it — otherwise, you risk missing out on the Pokémon you were after. But first, here's a quick recap on how to get to the QR Scanner in the first place:

  • Use "X" to open the menu on the bottom screen.
  • Navigate to the "QR Scanner" option (by default, this is on the second page).
  • Open the QR scanner and aim your 3DS at a QR code.
  • When the QR code is properly aligned on the top screen, hit "A" or "R."
  • Boom! If you've done everything correctly, the game will show you which particular Pokémon corresponded to the QR code you scanned.

Now that that's out of the way, we can move onto the good stuff. Well, sort of. When it comes to actually using Island Scan, the following points are all worth noting:

  • You can only scan a total of 10 QR codes in 20 hours. Technically, each scan resets every 2 hours, so it's your choice if you want to scan all 10 at once or do them one at a time.
  • You can scan the same QR codes after every Island Scan. For example, you can scan the QR code for Rowlet (and 9 others), catch the Island Scan Pokémon, and then scan Rowlet and the same 9 all over again. You cannot, however, just scan Rowlet 10 times in a row.
  • You only have an hour after using Island Scan to find the Pokémon. This timer will count down if your 3DS is closed, so make sure you have a little time set aside to catch the Pokémon before scanning.
  • No, really, you only have an hour. Period. The timer will tick down even if you've saved the game and shut down/reset — it is not tied to your save file!
  • That said, the Pokémon's stats will change after a reset. This will allow anyone interested to reset in order to maximize stats and/or wait for a shiny version to appear.

In addition to the above, if you're all about maximizing gains, certain Pokémon (like Megearna) reward 20 points, which will allow you to actually grab two Pokémon every 20 hours.

Okay, do we have all that down? Ready for the list? Here we go!

All The Melemele Island Special Pokémon

  • Sunday: Cyndaquil (found on Route 3)
  • Monday: Totodile (found in Seaward Cave)
  • Tuesday: Deino (found on Ten Carat Hill)
  • Wednesday: Horsea (found in Kala'e Bay)
  • Thursday: Klink (found in Hau'oli City)
  • Friday: Chikorita (found on Route 2)
  • Saturday: Litwick (found in Hau'oli Cemetery)

All The Akala Island Special Pokémon

  • Sunday: Gothita (found on Route 6)
  • Monday: Spheal (found on Route 7)
  • Tuesday: Luxio (found on Route 8)
  • Wednesday: Honedge (found in the Akala Outskirts)
  • Thursday: Venipede (found on Route 4)
  • Friday: Bellsprout (found on Route 5)
  • Saturday: Marill (found on Brooklet Hill)

All The Ula'ula Island Special Pokémon

  • Sunday: Rhyhorn (found on Blush Mountain)
  • Monday: Swinub (found in Tapu Village)
  • Tuesday: Duosion (found on Route 16)
  • Wednesday: Roselia (found in Ula'ula Meadow)
  • Thursday: Staravia (found on Route 10)
  • Friday: Vigoroth (found on Route 11)
  • Saturday: Axew (found on Mount Hokulani)

All The Poni Island Special Pokémon

  • Sunday: Elektross (found in Poni Grove)
  • Monday: Conkeldurr (found in Poni Plains)
  • Tuesday: Togekiss in (found in Poni Gauntlet)
  • Wednesday: Leavanny (found in Poni Meadow)
  • Thursday: Serperior (found on Exeggutor Island)
  • Friday: Samurott (found in Poni Wilds)
  • Saturday: Emboar (found on Ancient Poni Path)

So far, the above Pokémon are confirmed for the given islands and days. There may be more, but time will tell. For now, I think the best approach is to pick an island and grab its Pokémon every day for a given week and then move on. But maybe you like specific Pokémon and don't want to do that. It's totally up to you!


Which island has the best selection of Island Scan Pokemon?


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