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If you're hopping into Pokémon Sun and Moon — like many others — then you may have been too excited to remember that there are several items you can transfer from the demo over to the release version of the games. Chief among these is the Ash-Greninja, a level-36 Pokémon; however, there are more transferable items that will net you a bit of helpful cash.

1. Make Sure You Actually Have Save Data For 'Sun and Moon' First

Grunt A didn't save his game. Now his face is stuck like this.
Grunt A didn't save his game. Now his face is stuck like this.

The opposite end of the "too excited to remember" spectrum is the "need to transfer first thing" side, which is where I fell. Not wanting to miss out on the chance to transfer, I popped Pokémon Moon into my 3DS system and... immediately went to the demo. Sadly, simply having the game in your system doesn't actually mean items can be transferred.

So, I closed the demo, opened Pokémon Moon, and made a save file. Turns out, I really didn't need to be in such a rush. Once you transfer the items over, you still need to find a Pokémon Center in order to claim them. I'm getting ahead of myself, though.

2. Talk To Kukui In The Demo Version's Pokémon Center

Being shirtless with a lab coat is like wearing socks with sandals, weirdo.
Being shirtless with a lab coat is like wearing socks with sandals, weirdo.

You know the weird, shirtless dude hanging around the right side of the Pokemon Center? That dude is Professor Kukui, and you'd better get used to him — he's this generation's Professor Oak.

In the demo, however, he's the one who you need to talk to if you want to transfer items to the main game. The process is pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few things to note:

  • You can't actually use Ash-Greninja until you've completed two grand trials in the full game. Well, you can, but he won't listen to you at all.
  • Transferring to one game does not "use up" that item for good; items can be transferred to both games.
  • Transferring favors physical copies of the game over downloaded ones — if you want to transfer to a downloaded version, make sure to remove any physical versions you might have.

Voila! Items transferred. Now to pick 'em up!

3. Open The Full Version And Select "Mystery Gift" From The Start Screen

Again, this step's not too hard. You have a few options available at the start screen, you want the one with the word "gift" in it. From there, you want to select "Check the Card Album" from the list — the top option will come in handy if you ever receive a gift online or have a QR code to scan.

Going to the Card Album will take you to a screen with all the Mystery Gifts you've received. In this case, you should see all the items you've transferred from the demo, as in the above picture.

Click on whichever ones you want to transfer, and then, y'know, transfer 'em. If you notice the picture above, you'll see all my cards have stamps on them. This means they've already been claimed and it's safe to remove them from my Card Album.

4. Find Any Pokémon Center And Talk To The Delivery Man

Here's the part about not needing to be in such a rush I mentioned earlier. You can't actually claim any of the items until you reach a Pokémon Center. Granted, this happens fairly early in the game, but you'll have to get through most of the tutorial parts before you can get here.

Once there, simply talk to the Deliveryman and have him transfer over your items. Again, outside of Ash-Greninja, the other transferable items are only good for selling. However, the if you're wondering if they're worth going after, consider the money you can get from each:

  • Star Piece: 6,000 each
  • Nugget: 5,000 each
  • Stardust: 1,500 each
  • Pretty Wing: 500 each
  • Balm Mushroom: Price TBD
  • Comet Shard: Price TBD

Sadly, I was not able to get the Balm Mushroom or Comet Shard, but the Star Piece, Nugget, and Stardust are all items you can get at any point during the demo — you don't need to log on during a specific day!


How many of the bonus items did you get from the 'Sun and Moon' demo?


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