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Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Birth By Sleep asks you to complete a lot of objectives. Some of these can't be done until your second play-through, some are pretty difficult, and others... well, others are all that bad.

Both the "Gem Cutter" and "Connected" objectives take place in the Seven Dwarves' mine as part of the World Within's mirror games. Both can be completed in one quick run-through of the area. But that doesn't mean their requirements can't occasionally be tricky to find.

If you've been wracking your brain trying to figure out how to earn these objectives, look no further! Below, we have a full video showcasing all the gem locations and how you can get them in just over 2 minutes — and as a bonus, we'll show ya the trick to Connected, too!

All The Gem Locations For The Gem Cutter Objective

If you can't watch the video because you're reading video game articles on your phone when you shouldn't be, here's an even faster breakdown of the gems' locations:

  • The first gem is right near the very first mirror you find in the mines.
  • The second gem is next to the second mirror.
  • The third gem requires you to use the second mirror at the right moment to be able to grab it.
  • The fourth gem is inside breakable barrels on your way to the third mirror.
  • The fifth and sixth gems are both on the platform where you first fight Heartless — the fifth is located to the left when you first reach the rock and requires barrel breaking, but the sixth is off to the right in plain sight.
  • The seventh gem is the trickiest and requires you to use the last mirror to stop the platform right as it's passing through the gem. If you're treasure-hunting, you'll want to use the mirror to make a ramp on the opposite side of the gem.

That wasn't so bad, right? Of course, earning the Connected objective is pretty easy and can be done along your gem-collecting route, so why not grab it?

How To Complete The Connected Objective

Remember right after that fourth gem how you had to stop three different platforms at the exact right time to take you to the next area? Two of those three platforms are what this objective revolves around, and the third is kinda sad and left out.

All you have to do for this one is look in the mirror and stop the platforms when the first two line up in such a way that forms a star. Conveniently, this also provides the perfect spacing to hop your way over to the next area. Check it out:

Looking for a list of all the game's objectives and respective wardrobe rewards? Be sure to check out our hub page! And if you're having trouble with one, we may just have a guide to help you out!

What do you think of Birth By Sleep's puzzle-solving objectives?


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