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If you were expecting to hack into some corporate shills's computer in your first Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and got a "missing .dll file" instead, we've got you covered. This is a really common error, but luckily is easy to fix. Just write down the error message and look for the .dll suffix on the named file in the error.

When dealing with these kinds of issues, its always important to make sure your system is current. Doing that will usually fix .dll errors even without taking additional steps:

  • Be sure to reinstall or update DirectX
  • Update Windows by going to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > Check For Updates
  • Restart your computer

If you do all that and the issue doesn't resolve itself, you can still fix it by doing it manually:

  • Search for the specific .dll file on Google. It should be easy to find on a site like
  • Download the replacement .dll
  • Copy the file into the game's directory / folder

As an example, the .dll file for MSVP140.dll can be found here. Ignore the ads and just grab the file. You don't need to sign up or register.

Then just restart your comp and you should be good to go. If that doesn't work, make sure to check out the comprehensive guide to fixing all Watch Dogs 2 technical issues.

NOTE: Additionally, there are many .dll 'fixer' applications out there, but the above steps should fix everything you need. If you do go for one of those, beware of free applications – these are often bloatware, malware, or both.


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