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Despite being the most traditionally feminine of the three starter Pokémon in Sun & Moon, it might surprise you to learn that most Popplios are actually male.

The ratio of male to female Popplios is a whopping 7 to 1, meaning you'll only see 1 female Popplio for every 7 males. That means you've only got a 12.5% chance of actually getting a female when you pick her as your starter .

Those aren't great odds, but they aren't dismal odds either – so, here's how to finally get one!

Here's The Step-By-Step

Alrighty, here's the deal.

The process of actually choosing your starter Pokémon is, sadly, locked within a cutscene that lasts roughly two and half minutes. That means that attempting to get a female Popplio is going to take a serious time investment as you reload and reload and reload to try to get her.

First, you'll need to save your game right after your bridge encounter with the Tapu Koko guardian Pokémon and right before you talk to Lillie about heading back to town. Your screen will look something like this:

Save there so you can return when you soft reset. Talking to Lillie will start the cutscene that includes the starter selection process. If you don't get a female Popplio away, this is the best save place you'll have to return to.

Here's how to soft reset your Sun & Moon game:

  • Hold down the Left and Right bumpers
  • While holding bumpers down, press Start or Select
  • Your game will reset, skipping the initial boot up time and opening scene

Tips for speeding things up:

  • Set text speed to Fast
  • Smash the A button as much as you can to skip dialogue
  • Odds are 1 out of 7

It'll Take Patience to Get a Female Popplio

Now, from here, all you need to do is keep playing through that cutscene and soft reset and repeat until you get your female Popplio! It takes about 2min 30sec if you go through the cutscenes quickly, and that 12.5% chance is pretty slim – but not nearly as bad as the .002% of getting a shiny starter Pokémon (eek).

Here are your chances (thanks to Jade on Facebook for the math!):

  • If you do the opening 6 times, you have a 50% chance (15 min)
  • If you do the opening 11 times, you have a 75% chance (27.5 min)
  • If you do the opening 15 times, you have a 85% chance (37.5 min)
  • If you do the opening 18 times, you have a 90% chance (45 min)
  • If you do the opening 23 times, you have a 95% chance (57.5 min)
  • If you do the opening 30 times, you have a 98% chance (1 hr 15 min)
  • If you do the opening 33+ times, you have a 99% chance (1 hr 22.5 min+)

So, it doesn't actually take quite as long as you might think, but you'll still probably going to need put in a some time doing resets to get your female Popplio. Good luck!


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