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We’ve talked on the site a little bit already about Astroneer — particularly the late game. But what if you’re just getting started in the game? What should you do first? Well, look no further; here are some tips on gathering resources!

Resin and Compound

These are the most basic of resources in Astroneer, and usually pretty easy to find. Your initial landing site will likely have several deposits of each nearby. They are also key to survival on any alien worlds, so you’ll want to stock up on them as soon as you can.

Resin is the basis of expanding your home base. Each additional module you add will be built on a resin platform. Additionally, a larger base means a greater safe zone; you can resupply on oxygen and power when you’re close enough to base.

In order to expand away from the base, and search out more complex and rare materials, you’ll need compound. You can this for all sorts of simple crafting, the most important being tethers. Constructing a series of linked tethers will let you explore the furthest reaches of the planet, while safely remaining connected to the life support systems of the base. Tethers are usually the first thing I build when starting a new game or landing on a new planet.

You will also need resin and compound in order to create a Smelter, which is key in refining other resources.

Oxygen and Power

Through your travels, you’ll occasionally find deposits of crystallized oxygen and power. You can use these to extend your reach beyond your tether network, as your suit will use any of these before switching to the on-board life support systems. Having a couple on hand is great for short exploratory trips. But be sure you don’t wander too far and can get back to safety before you suffocate!

A backpack loaded with power and oxygen means you're ready for off-tether adventure!
A backpack loaded with power and oxygen means you're ready for off-tether adventure!


Organic is probably the most plentiful resource on any planet’s surface, but it’s not terribly useful in the early stages of the game. You can use it in generators to create small amounts of power, but you’ll need some less common resources in order to make a generator to begin with.

Copper and Aluminum

Other resources are a bit more difficult to come by. While you may occasionally find mineral veins breaking through to the surface (grab these when you see them!), they’ll mostly be found underground, in caves.

Copper and Aluminum are next on the priority list. They’re useful in making base modules such as the Vehicle Bay and Printer, which will help you traverse the planet faster, and build tools. You’ll generally find these as an ore in caves, which will need to be refined in a Smelter before you can use them. Copper ore is called Malachite, and Aluminum appears in ore form as Laterite.

A Laterite deposit, deep within a cave system
A Laterite deposit, deep within a cave system

Refined copper, aluminum, and other rare metals such as titanium can often be found at crash sites. If you see the remains of a rocket poking out of the ground, go investigate! These can often give you a jump-start on resources that may otherwise take you a few hours to build up to mining yourself.

This crash site has copper, aluminum, and titanium!
This crash site has copper, aluminum, and titanium!

Waste not, want not

Now, you’ve spent some time gathering resources and working your way up the technology tree. Don’t let it go to waste! Periodically, wind storms will tear their way through the planet. These storms can be brutal; if you’re not safely inside your base capsule or vehicle, the flying debris they carry can kill. The winds can also blow away any resources, research Artifacts, or other items that aren’t secured. Luckily, most of the modules at your base will have storage points you can use to lock in Artifacts or materials you don’t need to carry with you. Additional storage can be crafted from the Printer as needed.

Astroneer is currently available in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. Be sure and follow the development and give your feedback to the team in their forums!

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One

Genre: Survival, Crafting

Release date: Now available in Early Access/Game Preview, full release TBD

Creator: System Era Softworks


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