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UPDATE 12/7/16: Added a note on Mythic+ dungeons in the fifth section.

Did you know that Blizzard has once again changed how players get legendaries in Legion? In addition to all the other changes made for Legion, legendaries now have a totally different feel to them.

In previous expansion packs, legendaries have ranged from a very specific drop (a la Thunderfury) to the more recent "everyone gets one" style of expansion-long quest chains. However, in Legion, legendaries have taken on a Diablo-esque feeling, dropping at random and being class-or-role-specific.

In fact, there are more than 100 legendaries in the game now thanks to the new system. And if you want to grab some, we'll be going over the best places to farm for them!

But First, There Are A Few Caveats

Before you get ready to farm your face off, there are some things to note about Legion legendaries:

  • For now, you can only have 1 legendary equipped at a time. This can be raised to 2 via Order Hall research, but this research won't be complete-able for several weeks.
  • Eventually, you'll be able to equip even more legendary items.
  • There is some kind of internal "bad luck streak" system that will increase your chances of receiving a legendary the longer you go without one.
  • The passive effects from legendaries won't work in instanced PVP (but it will work in world PVP)
  • Legendary items will drop for your current loot spec. This one is important, as many hybrid classes may be soloing in a DPS spec. Make sure your loot spec is set correctly by right-clicking your character portrait.

Got that down? Good! It's time to get your feet muddy with some farmin'.

1. Get Legendaries From Dungeons, Dungeons, And More Dungeons

Not too surprisingly, legendaries can drop from dungeons. As of right now, legendaries appear to drop from all difficulties of dungeon, with Blizzard having said that higher difficulties have a higher chance at rewarding them. As a result, Heroic dungeons are actually the theoretical best place to farm for legendaries.

"Wait, what? Why not Mythic dungeons?" you might be asking. The reasoning here: Mythic dungeons, while technically repeatable, only drop loot once per boss per week.

So, while you'll want to knock out as many Mythic dungeons each week as possible, they're not the sort of content that lends itself to being farmed.

Heroic dungeons, however, can be queued for randomly, have a higher chance than their Normal-dungeon counterparts, and will drop loot as long as you're willing to run them.

2. Emissary Quests Drop Legendary Loot (and Loads of Other Useful Items)

As we've gone over before, Legion also includes a new (totally awesome) world quest system. This world quest system not only offers a near-endless supply of quests to do, but also comes with daily "Emissary quests" that ask you to go to a specific zone and complete 4 world quests there.

When you've done this, you're rewarded with Artifact Power and, more importantly, an emissary cache that has a chance to contain a legendary, as well as Order Resources and other goodies.

(Bonus: Emissary caches were recently hotfixed to have a chance to drop non-legendary gear that will come in handy for your character.)

3. Raids And World Bosses

At this point, it's probably not a surprise, but raid bosses and world bosses will have a chance to drop legendaries as well. Legendaries have one chance to drop per boss, per difficulty. In other words, if you want to maximize your chances at a legendary, running LFR will still have benefits regardless of your raid team's progression through raids on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty.

As such, your chance at legendaries from raid bosses will vary depending on what sort of player you are. The more cutting-edge a player you are, the sooner you'll be able to start farming bosses of various difficulties for legendaries. And whether you're a hardcore or a casual player, LFR can be a pain, but it still may be worth checking out.

But again, this isn't the most efficient method of farming; World Bosses and Raids are something to knock off a weekly bucket list if you have time, but not your top priority.

4. PVP is Actually Also a Way to Gear Up

This one may not be your cup of tea, but it's actually not a bad way to farm legendaries. When you complete PVP battlegrounds, you're rewarded with Strongboxes based on how well you did. Winning automatically grants a Gold Strongbox, while losing will reward Silver or Bronze depending on how well your team did.

It's still unclear how the rarity of the box correlates to the drop chance of legendaries, but it seems likely that the chance would be higher for better types of Strongboxes.

On a tangential note, if you've PVPd in the past and hated it, it might not be a bad idea to give it a try if you're going to farm legendaries anyways. The PVP system in Legion is unlike it's ever been — in the best way possible.

Each and every spec in the game gets standardized stats in instanced PVP, which puts players on even footing regardless of item level*. Plus, there is now an entire talent tree dedicated to PVP progression that makes for a fun goal when you need to change up what you're doing.

*Increased item level does raise these base stats by a very, very minimal amount but not in any way that would make someone noticeable overpowered based solely on gear.

5. Mythic+ Caches Are Confusing, But Can Be Worth the Effort

If you looked at the raid schedule above, you may have noticed that Mythic+ dungeons were listed as releasing alongside raids.

Mythic+ dungeons are a new addition to Legion that — surprise! — borrow elements of Diablo in the way they work. Blizzard recently released a blog post detailing the new system, but the short version is this:

  • Completing a Mythic dungeon will reward a Keystone
  • This Keystone can then be used to turn a Mythic dungeon into a "Mythic Level 2" or higher Mythic+ dungeon.
  • Completing a Mythic Level 2 dungeon within the given time-frame will award a keystone that unlocks Mythic Level 3 dungeon, and so on all the way up to Mythic Level 15.
  • Every Mythic+ dungeon awards a chest at the end, and completing any Mythic+ (regardless of if you make the timer) will award a bonus cache once per week (located in your class hall).
  • If you do especially well, you can earn more than one chest at the end of the dungeon and upgrade your key more than one level (i.e., turning a Mythic Level 2 into a Mythic Level 4 or 5).

In other words, Mythic+ dungeons are another source of legendaries, but their efficiency level will vary from player to player. Not only do you have to have a premade group with a Keystone, but you're also limited in the amount of loot you'll earn in total. Technically, you can run Mythic+ dungeons as many times as you want, but unless you continually rotate whom you're running with, you'll eventually hit a difficulty ceiling.

As gear levels have climbed over the course of the expansion, lower-level Mythic+ runs aren't as difficult as they used to be, and Mythic+ dungeons can be pretty solid sources of legendaries. But again, this will depend on your willingness to run premade group content, your gear level, and if you have a specific team you're able to run with. If you have a consistent team to run with, Mythic+ may well be the best route for you.

There are still several activities in the game that either don't reward legendaries or have yet to be confirmed as sources. If any are added, we'll be sure to update this list. In the meantime, though, the above options should keep you pretty busy!

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