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World of Warcraft: Legion is out and more popular than ever. Not only has player response to the game been overwhelmingly positive, but Blizzard revealed that Legion has seen the highest concurrent player number in several years. And thanks to the expansion's numerous additions, players will have plenty to do even after hitting the new level cap.

One of those things is farming Order Resources, which are used for completing missions, upgrading your Order Hall, and even recruiting troops to make missions easier. And thanks to the Legion Companion app, all of that can be done from your phone, which means you'll want a healthy supply of Order Resources to keep the cogs turning.

If you're unsure just how to keep that supply healthy, we have a list below of some of the best ways to stockpile Order Resources so you can never risk not being able to do all the things from your phone.

1. World Quests

Broken Isles map with World Quest Tracker addon
Broken Isles map with World Quest Tracker addon
  • Frequency: Varies from multiple times per day to once per week depending on difficulty.
  • Order Resource Yield: 300+

You're not going to find many things that can top world quests in terms of reliable resource gains. While the nature of them appearing is somewhat random, they tend to offer several hundred Order Resources as a reward and can appear any number of times. As a result, they're likely your best source for regularly farmable, high-yield Order Resources.

If you're not level 110 yet or only just reached the level cap, you might not know what I'm talking about. World quests are random quests that will appear in each zone on the Broken Isles, provided you've hit 110 and are friendly with all the zones' factions. Mousing over a world quest will display how long you have to complete it — some only last a few hours, while others, more difficult ones will be doable for several days.

And if you need a way to keep track of world quests better, the World Quest Tracker addon (in the picture above) allows you to filter, sort, and track world quests so you can easily spot the ones that will reward resources.

2. Emissary Quests

  • Frequency: One new one per day, up to three at a time.
  • Order Resource Yield: 500+

These go hand-in-hand with World Quests but are only available once per day, which makes doing them less of a farming game and more of a maintenance game. Still, if you complete your selection of Emissary quests, you'll likely be treated to several hundred Order Resources.

Emissary quests don't actually require you to go anywhere in order for them to appear in your quest log. They are automatically added to your Emissary quest tracker, which can be found by opening the world map on the Broken Isles. Emissary quests require you to complete 4 world quests in a particular zone.

Once that's done, you'll receive another quest that tells you where to go to claim your reward. The person you turn the quest into will always be in the same zone and also happens to be the quartermaster for that faction (i.e., they tend to sell some nice items!)

The great thing about Emissary quests is that they only refresh once per day, but you can have up to three at a time. In other words, you technically only have to log in and complete them every three days if regular playtime isn't on your side.

3. Treasures

  • Frequency: Variable. Smaller chests appear randomly, large ones with specific treasures only lootable once.
  • Order Resource Yield: About 30-50 for smaller chests, 200+ for larger chests.

Hidden throughout the Broken Isles are all kinds of treasures. Sometimes these treasures are bigger and contain unique items like toys, but a good portion of the ones you'll find will be Small Treasure Chests. Treasures are indicated by a glowing purple outline and can be found in any number of places. If you're a Demon Hunter, you can use Spectral Sight to scope these out, while non-Demon Hunters can obtain treasure maps after reaching Honored reputation with that zone's faction.

When you open these chests, they'll often contain Artifact Power (which is also good to have) and a small amount of resources. It may not seem like they offer much at first, but Small Treasure Chests are so plentiful that it adds up quickly if you find them all.

And speaking of finding them, it's definitely a good idea to grab the HandyNotes addon and the Legion plugin for it. If you don't feel guilty about it (and don't mind missing out on discovering some of the treasures for yourself), the addon marks the locations of treasures on your map and is a great way to easily find them all.

4. Rare Mobs In The Broken Isles

  • Frequency: You can kill rare mobs often, but each mob will only drop resources once.
  • Order Resource Yield: 70, but Resources do not have a 100% drop rate.

Similar to treasures, rare mobs are scattered throughout the zones and reward a small amount of Order Resources. These mobs are denoted by a star on your minimap and tend to hit harder.

Many of these rare mobs can be soloed, but some will require a group. Unfortunately, this and the fact that they reward fewer than 100 Resources make them not the best source to farm.

Still, if you're looking for a boost to Order Resources and haven't hit all the rares yet, be sure to go a-hunting. Oh, and HandyNotes will also provide loot info for rares, which helps when you're hunting down gear upgrades, toys, or pets. (Note: HandyNotes will display these enemies as skulls instead of stars!)

5. Completing Your Class Campaign

  • Frequency: Class campaign quests can only be completed once.
  • Order Resource Yield: Most reward ~200, but occasionally you'll earn 1,500 or even 5,000.

This one is essentially done just by playing the game as you likely would already, but it's an excellent source nonetheless. The class hall campaigns are an essential part of Legion and go a long way toward making you feel special and telling a unique story for your class.

You can begin them while leveling and complete the entire chain after you've hit level 110. Campaigns typically start from an NPC in your class hall and will be labeled as a campaign quest in your quest log. Campaigns can't be rushed, though, as some portions require completing several missions which take quite a bit of time to complete.

Even though the campaign isn't repeatable, the one-time Order Resource rewards can be pretty hefty. If for whatever reason you weren't planning on completing your class campaign, here's a reason to change your mind — though, seriously, you should definitely do the campaign for the story alone.

6. Bonus Objectives While Leveling

  • Frequency: These can each be done once, but can only be completed before level 110.
  • Order Resource Yield: 200

This is something that changed with Legion from Warlords of Draenor and I kind of wish I'd known ahead of time. The bonus objectives you see on the map while leveling — indicated by crossed swords on the map and a "Bonus Objective" banner in the middle of your screen — will reward you with Order Resources upon completion. That part isn't too surprising.

What's changed is the fact that these bonus missions disappear once you hit level 110. They can still appear as world quests, but you miss the opportunity for the initial, one-time boost to resources if you don't grab them while you level.

7. Grab A Combat Ally With The Right Gear

  • Frequency: As long as there are World Quests up, you're golden.
  • Order Resource Yield: Up to 200 per World Quest.

This is actually my favorite method of farming because it's an incredibly passive way of generating resources. As long as you're keeping up with World Quests, you'll be adding to your Order Resource stockpile. All you have to do for this one is find a Champion that can serve as a Combat Ally and give them the right equipment.

There are a few different Champion Armaments that award 25, 50, or 100 Order Resources as long as you complete a World Quest with the ally present. You can't double up on armaments of the same type, so if you want 200 Resources per World Quest, you'll need the Elixir of Plenty and one of the legendary followers items. Otherwise, you can easily get 150 Resources per World Quest by combining the Elixir of Plenty with the Curio of Abundant Happiness.

What have you been enjoying in Legion so far?


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