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If you lived in the Dishonored universe, with its neck-slicing, cloak & dagger insurrections, awesome gadgetry, and diseased fauna that nobody seems to be implementing practical precautions for... you would probably want an amazing array of supernatural powers to brighten your day too.

But what makes some people so special in order to receive these powers? Well, buckle yourself down and pour a glass of some Tyvian wine as we are about to dive into The Outsider and how he decides who is worthy of his powers.

The Outsider on The Inside

Credit: Alteya - DeviantArt
Credit: Alteya - DeviantArt

The Outsider. He is described as being neither an angel nor a devil. He's a generally a morally grey character who bestows individuals with immense abilities and lets them interfere with the cogs of the world in as they see fit.

This is the big man himself that you will have to impress in order to get yourself some sweet teleporting and possession skills.

He grants powers by 'branding' those he deems fit. The Outsider's Mark "is a special brand granted by the Outsider to individuals of his choosing, which gives them access and resistance to an array of supernatural abilities." Sounds pretty simple right? Appease a deity and receive a myriad of unstoppable supernatural powers.

However, only a handful of people in the whole Empire of the Isles are known to have gotten the mark, so we need to see how The Outsider thinks to be in with a chance here.

1. "Could I Have Powers? Pretty Please?"


I like your thinking! You don't get if you never ask. Well, there is one small catch with that: The Outsider doesn't care if you ask.

It's pretty much like a secret society, you can't just knock on the door and ask to come in. This notion of asking or sacrificing won't succeed is evidenced in the level The Royal Physician when you visit a shine and engage in some dialogue:

Anton Sokolov has made a great study of my runes, but he's not special like you are. He wasn't chosen and he doesn't wear my Mark, so he can't unlock their secrets. Sokolov believes there are specific words and acts that can compel me to appear before him...But if he really wants to meet me, he could start by being a bit more interesting.

C'mon people, the embodied of the Void isn't interested in handing out world bending powers like they are cough sweets at a pharmacy. If Anton Sokolov, the ingenious pioneer of the century, isn't good enough then I doubt you are either (sorry!).

2. Be Interesting (Get a Hobby)

Source: GameInformer
Source: GameInformer

As previously touched upon, in Dishonored the best way to get the powers is to be deemed 'interesting' enough. While this is not really specified what being interesting to The Outsider means, but we can have a pretty good guess:

  • The protagonists of both games are embroiled in a shady government conspiracy,
  • which leads them upon a vengeful path to reclaim a stolen throne,
  • and that path could have grand repercussions worldwide.

I would say that's quite interesting indeed. Not to say that Colin's late night gambling and street brawls in the slums of Dunwall aren't interesting, they just ain't the same kettle o' fish.

As far as we know, this is probably the only sure-fire way to be visited by The Outsider, so make sure you get yourself wrapped up in a political firestorm sharpish.

3. Go On a Mad One

Credit: Kotaku
Credit: Kotaku

The lovable old psychopath from the first installment of , Granny Rags, has a mark. So how did she get it? When she was a wealthy aristocrat going by the name of Vera Moray, she had a very dark experience indeed:

She and her husband traveled widely "to the far ends of the Isles."In 1807, she joined her husband on an expedition to the mysterious continent of Pandyssia. The expedition was marked by madness and death, which started when Vera took an interest in the practices of the continent's ancient peoples. This is where she first came into contact with the Outsider, and during her journey, she received the Outsider's Mark. The experience caused Vera to lose her sanity and later go blind.

Maybe if you take enough hallucinating substances you may be able to replicate this madness and then finally be able to wind blast that wonky kitchen door open. But hey, this method is not strictly recommend. Stay safe out there.

4. It's All About Who You Know

Credit: Flamablep -
Credit: Flamablep -

You've all heard that saying right? "It's not what you know. It's who you know." This is the perfect time to demonstrate how your friends and acquaintances can benefit you.

The infamous and his group of assassins known as 'The Whalers' all had powers, however Daud was the only one to receive an actual Mark. This is due to the fact that one of his abilities known as Arcane Bond, gives him the ability to grant lesser versions of his magic to others, which he utilizes to empower his assassin followers.

Sweet! All you would have to do is grovel up to someone with Outsider powers and kiss their boots for the foreseeable future until they believe you are comfortable enough to wield the power of being able to do the washing up competently... maybe later you could be trusted with Blink.

Happy Hunting Folks!

Here are the ways that you could get hold of some amazing supernatural powers if you resided in the Dishonored universe! They may not be easy but they would be one hell of a fun thing to have.


What is Your Favourite Power?


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