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From September 1-24, trainers will be able to head to GameSpot for the second ever Fire and Psychic type - the Mythic (and mythically adorable) Victini.

As a Mythic Event Pokémon, and part of Pokémon's 20th Anniversary year-long series of gift events, Victini will be level 100 when you get it. If that's not reason enough, it's also the most goddamn cute Pokémon in the whole series. Look at that thing.

Here's What You'll Have to do to Get Victini

  • First, go to a GameStop between September 1-24, 2016
  • Ask for a Victini code card (there will likely be signs up!)
  • Boot up your game on your 3DS
  • Go to the MYSTERY GIFT tab (make sure you're connected to the internet)
  • Select RECEIVE GIFT and then GET WITH CODE
  • Enter your Victini code from the card you got at GameStop
  • Download your Pokémon
  • Head to a Pokémon Center and talk to the Delivery Girl to receive Victini!

Which Pokémon Game do I Need to Get Victini?

You can download Victini on any of the current 3DS Pokémon titles: Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire (aka Pokémon ORAS). Sadly, you can't get redeem the code for any of the other games.

However, unlike some other Mythic Pokémon releases, Victini will not have any separate easter eggs based on which game you redeem it on. Previously, Pokémon like Volcanion would have extra secrets! So, don't worry about redeeming the code on a 'wrong' game.

Here Are the Moves Victini Comes With

Victini will be level 100 and have a pretty unique mix of extremely powerful Fire, Psychic, and Normal type moves:

  • Incinerate - Fire
  • Quick Attack - Normal
  • Endure - Normal
  • Confusion - Psychic

Note: Arguably, Victini's most potent attack is Incinerate. It's not exclusive to Victini, and doesn't deal the most damage, but its effect can be devastating. Incinerate has 15PP, deals 60 damage, and has 100% accuracy – but it also will burn up and destroy any berry the opposing Pokémon has equipped.

Ability: Victory Star is exclusive to Victini and gives both Victini and any allied Pokémon a 10% accuracy bonus.

Since this a September event, this will be one of the last Pokémon events to tide us over until Sun & Moon's November 19 release date. Well, of course we'll always have Pokémon GO too (and maybe Gen 2 by October)!


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