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Let's face it, the Nintendo Switch is really cool. I mean, on the go? What more could you ask for? Well, for so-called hardcore gamers (the technical term for those who enjoy games other than Mario), there are few things more important than powerful hardware, so the thought of a console being less powerful than the competition, whilst also being more expensive, could understandably drive some of these people away. So what steps could take in order to appeal to hardcore gamers?

Before we begin, check out our first look at the new console below.

Bring More Games To The Party!

This one is a must. You gotta give it to Nintendo, it's loyal to its titles. Franchises like , , and have given gamers vibrant and imaginative worlds to explore, and many people look back fondly at their childhoods, packed full of adventures and memories all made possible because of Nintendo.

However, many gamers now seek more out of the games they play. The simple platforming mechanics of Mario, for example, no longer cut it for many people. With huge releases like , and dominating the world of console gaming, it'd take a lot for Nintendo to compete with the level of complexity and detail found in titles such as these.

Therefore, it's important that the future of the sees more third-party titles coming to the system. Less power-sapping games like 's The Walking Dead or Stardew Valley could provide a good variety of content to the system, without draining the battery life or requiring too much graphical horsepower. Whereas titles like Rocket League or could make good use of the innovative Joy-Con controllers, promoting both competitive and co-operative play on the go.

Rocket League's high-octane action would be well suited to competitive play using the Joy-Cons.
Rocket League's high-octane action would be well suited to competitive play using the Joy-Cons.

Overall, adding more third-party titles to the Nintendo Switch in the future would definitely be a good move to ensure the future success of the console, and would certainly be a selling point for many gamers.

More Innovation With Current Titles

I can see my house from here!
I can see my house from here!

Adding more third-party titles is all well and good, but Nintendo is known for its own stellar lineup of fun, imaginative games. They may not be suited to the tastes of all gamers, but the fact of the matter is, they're fun and it'd be a shame for games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, or any of the other great Nintendo titles, to be neglected in favor of third-party games.

The gaming giant is already on the right track with this, with both Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey giving exciting glimpses into the future of Nintendo games. With a sprawling open world, the lush pastures of will undoubtedly give players hours of entertainment on their quest through Hyrule, while lets players explore the globe as Mario as he climbs up streetlights and jumps his way across city skylines.

These kinds of innovation are essential if Nintendo aims to not only keep its dedicated fans happy, but also to attract new fans to revisit these stunning worlds — worlds they may not have visited since their childhood.

Battery-Enhancing Accessory

After its recent Switch event, Nintendo scared off a lot of potential customers with the announcement that the new console would have somewhere between two-and-a-half and six hours of battery life when undocked. With portability being a major focus of the Switch's USP, it was understandably disheartening to some people to learn that the battery life was so low compared to other handhelds on the market.

Therefore, a good idea may be for Nintendo, or a third-party company, to produce an external battery pack for the console. Though the Switch can be charged on the go using the included USB-C lead and AC adapter, it may not always be practical to do so, and an external battery attachment could be a good idea for those who travel a lot and intend to take their Switch with them on their journeys.

I mean, nobody wants to put down Breath of the Wild after three hours — that's impossible!

Offer A Rewarding Online Service

They seem pretty intense for people looking at a loading screen.
They seem pretty intense for people looking at a loading screen.

Another major announcement made by Nintendo at its Switch event was that its online service would no longer be free. Up until fall, players can enjoy using the full range of features that will come with Nintendo's online service, but after that players will be expected to fork out for an annual subscription fee.

It's essential that Nintendo properly plans this strategy. With a customer base of players who have become used to free , asking them to begin paying for that service will be a tough sell. Furthermore, with many gamers already paying for either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus (the paid online services of both and ), Nintendo's online service will have to deliver something truly unique in order to win over both current customers and new customers alike. Nintendo could possibly offer more free monthly games than its competitors, or even bring some classic Nintendo titles over to the Switch, which could be accessed for free through its subscription service.

The ideas for this service are endless, but it's imperative that Nintendo plan this move correctly, because failing to do so could mean failing to tap into a large portion of the gaming market.

Potentially Make A More Powerful Pro-Model

Could a more powerful model attract more players?
Could a more powerful model attract more players?

Even if Nintendo did all of these things and then some, there would undoubtedly still be a lot of people who aren't convinced, simply due to the less-powerful hardware within the Switch. With new consoles running advanced games with almost lifelike graphics, it's understandable that some people may see the Switch as posing no competition within a console market heavily dominated by and .

Therefore, in the future, a good idea for Nintendo may be to produce a pro model, so to speak — a variation of the Switch with more graphical processing power that can run up-to-date, blockbuster titles from the palm of the player's hand. Now this suggestion is obviously a much more longterm strategy, because making the console more powerful without sacrificing battery life would be a challenge in itself.

However, to really appeal to the hardcore gamer market, it may be important for Nintendo to start ensuring that more modern titles can be played on its system. Don't get me wrong, Skyrim on the Switch looks badass, but what about titles like The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, or Fallout 4? These games certainly deserve a place on a Nintendo system one day, and maybe a more powerful variation of the Switch could provide this.

Time For A Switch?

Nobody likes a backseat driver.
Nobody likes a backseat driver.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch is definitely a console that has excited the imaginations of gamers everywhere. Its innovative design and seamless transition between home console and portable handheld is incredibly impressive, and I don't think anyone can wait to spend every single bus ride or plane journey slaying dragons, finding loot and rekindling old childhood memories.

Just don't go doing something stupid, like dropping it in the road, or letting your dog eat one of your Joy-Cons — replacement parts are expensive y'know! And Joy-Cons probably don't taste good to Fido.

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