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Injustice 2 has quickly and quietly become one of the most anticipated releases of 2017. With a massive collection of characters from which to unleash hell with and upon, the mobile version is the perfect vehicle for this superhero game to reach the masses.

Yet, a week prior to the console and PC version being released, fans can join in on the super-powered warfare of 3-on-3 combat. Injustice 2 follows in the vein of its predecessors Mortal Kombat X, WWE Immortals and Injustice: Gods Among Us to allow players to collect and power up their favorite characters in a card based battle system.

You Don't Need To Spend A Dime, If You're Smart About It

If you haven't started playing Injustice 2 on your mobile phone, I suggest you start now... Seriously, go to Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store now and download the game to join in the battle royale. Injustice 2 is like countless other games in the sense that it uses microtransactions in order to offer you the option of bolstering your team via purchasing additional currencies (gems, cash, coin, etc).

I may have lost some of you there with the curse of the microtransaction, but let me calm your nerves by saying that Injustice 2 is 100% playable without making a single microtransaction, and here's how.

We've all played games that have for years pushed the ability to quickly bill your credit card for $4.99 here and $12.99 there and before long you wind up with hundreds of dollars in in-game purchases and you, like countless other games, delete the game without a second thought to save yourself from the struggle of playing a game that seems impossible without those microtransactions.

And although Injustice 2 has the microtransaction feature included, the game developers have also give players several ways to level up your character without leveling down your bank account.

First thing first, playing without microtransactions will be more difficult, but it's far from impossible as long as you keep these few concepts in mind while you play

1. Finish All The Objectives

After you've made it through the initial tutorial portion you'll notice that you have access to a menu along the side of your screen called Objectives. As you can imagine these are task oriented ways to earn additional experience and even currencies to be used in-game.

Daily Objectives will refresh, as you would imagine every 24 hours and some are simple tasks like winning battles in campaign, entering the arena, upgrading a hero's gear, opening chests of loot and many more tasks that could be more challenging.

While the Achievements is more of a way to track your overall progression with items earned for leveling up, defeating specific characters, progressing through the story mode and much more.

Utilizing the Objectives is the single best way of bolstering your team in the game, and offers a plethora of earnables from character tokens (to unlock new characters or upgrade current ones) to gems that allow you to open rare loot crates with new characters.

2. Complete Operations and Resource Missions

A new feature in Injustice 2 ,as compared to Injustice: Gods Among Us, is the inclusion of the Operations and Mission modes, and they are absolutely essential to helping your characters develop without spending your hard earned paycheck.

The Operations Mode is the easiest way to bolster your characters' level without actually interacting with the combat system. In Operations, you can assign specific characters to complete tasks based on their threat level. The higher the threat level the higher the payout, but also requires a longer period of time before that character is available again. In Operations, the chosen character will earn some experience towards leveling up as well as earn you coins for purchasing other items.

The Resource Missions are combat based events that change each day. Each day allows you to take your heroes into battle that match a certain class and earn XP boosts for that same type during the week. On the weekends it become more generic and on Sunday you can earn additional coins. Each days set of missions have their own levels of difficulty that grants increased earnings with the higher difficulties as you'd imagine.

3. Fight In The Arena

The Arena is a great place to earn rewards. The Arena pits you against AI versions of other player's teams and as you battle, with wins you rank higher in the leaderboard. And as you'd expect, the rewards are greater as you rank up. But what's nice about the rewards is that even though the seasons will come and go, you can early daily and weekly rewards based on your current rank on the board. So even if you don't rank in the legendary status for a full week, if you're there for one day of the season, you can still earn a daily award for being there.

The arena is really just a place to show off your team and earn shards and gear for special characters that you may not unlock normally.

So the question now is why haven't you started playing through Injustice 2? There's never been a better time to be alive than now. Go ahead and download Injustice 2 and start blasting away at the iconic DC Characters.


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