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Update 3/13/17: In patch 7.2, you will be able to queue for Heroic versions of these dungeons using the LFG tool. The original article continues below.

If you've recently hopped back into World of Warcraft and found yourself with an unbelievable amount of stuff to do at level 110, there's one more thing to add to your list: Unlocking the Court of Stars and Arcway dungeons.

These dungeons are not only beautiful, they're also rewarding and are definitely the kind of content you'll want to check out in your level-110 Legion adventures. But, as I said, you need to unlock these particular dungeons, so we're here to help you do that!

Before we dive in, it might be worth checking out our guide to Ancient Mana farming — you're gonna need a lot of it over the course of Suramar!

Why Unlock Them? Arcway and Court of Stars Offer Valuable Cross-Dungeon Set Bonuses

This is probably the biggest selling point and something Blizzard has done only very rarely in the past. There are several items from each dungeon that will be part of a 2-piece set. Getting both pieces, naturally, provides a set bonus.

Here's the thing, though: You have to run both dungeons to complete the set. While this is a common feature of tier sets (and occasionally rare items found in world treasures), dungeon set bonuses don't typically work in conjunction like this. As an example, Ring of Looming Menace from the Arcway and Chain of Scorched Bones from Court of Starts offer a set bonus definitely worth seeking.

But if you can't run both, there are still some really powerful items from the dungeons that reward "Equip" bonuses that outshine same-slot counterparts from other Mythic dungeons. I will have you one day, Chrono Shard, I swear!

Oh, and this is totally unrelated to gear, but the Arcway especially offers some really impressive visuals in line with Suramar's astoundingly beautiful aestethic. And while Court of Stars technically takes place in the portion of Suramar City below the Twilight Vineyards, it offers valuable story and lore that really fleshes out the world.

1. Complete the Two Achievements For Suramar's Main And Side Storylines

These children are actually super creepy.
These children are actually super creepy.

There are two story-based achievements in Suramar:

  • "Nightfallen But Not Forgotten" – which relates to the zone's main stories
  • "Good Suramaritan" – which includes several of the zone's side-stories

Your first step in unlocking the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons is completing that first achievement, which equates to roughly 30 quests and is more or less done just by following the breadcrumbs that first appear once you hit level 110 and are asked to investigate Suramar.

Once you've completed that, your next goal will be completing the following side-stories from the second achievement (in this order):

  • The Waning Crescent
  • Blood and Wine
  • Statecraft

The Waning Crescent series starts with the quest "Lady Lunastre," which will then head you down the road to completing all three of the required side stories. However, there's a bit more to it than just following the quests.

2. You'll Need at Least 8,000/12,000 Into Honored With The Nightfallen To Start "Statecraft" Quest

This will likely be the biggest hurdle for you, as Nightfallen reputation isn't exactly the easiest to come by. Even if you have done everything else there possibly is to do in the zone, if you aren't at least 8,000 reputation into Honored, the introductory quest for Statecraft will not appear.

I wish there were any easy trick to this one, but there isn't. To get Nightfallen reputation, you need to be a mix of patient and persistent. The reason for this is because quests in Suramar don't always offer large amounts of reputation upon completion.

Granted, some quests do offer rep, but most reward roughly 75 reputation, if any.

So where do you need to go for all this reputation? There are a few good sources:

  • The Withered Army scenario (once unlocked) has the highest potential reputation reward. Granted, it takes a bit of getting used to, so don't count on loads of reputation your first time through.
  • Doing world quests for the Nightfallen, while not always the highest offering, will offer consistent, repeatable sources of reputation.
  • And of course, completing all the side quests will help.

3. Wrap Up "Statecraft" and You'll Get the Appropriate Dungeon Quests

Once you've completed Statecraft, you'll be given a few quests that specifically ask you to go to the Arcway and the Court of Stars.

Once you have these quests, you can rest assured that you've unlocked the dungeons.

So To Summarize...

There's a good chance that you'll unlock the Suramar dungeons just by questing through Suramar itself. However, if you want to speed that process along, be sure to follow the initial quest chain until you have the option of running through Suramar City.

If you already have the reputation but lost track of where you are in questing, WoWhead has an excellent breakdown of each and every quest you'll want to look for in your adventures.

Good luck!


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