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Well guys, after months of teases, disappointment, and anguish has finally arrived.

And she's freaking awesome!

If you haven't seen the release trailer 'Infiltration' head on over and watch that now. But now that she's been released on the floor, we thought we'd give you a sense of how Sombra plays and what types of cool things you can expect to do with her in the world of Overwatch.

Her Kit

Full disclosure first: I am a low diamond Overwatch player, that is to say, slightly above average, so temper your expectations—I'm not a pro.

Now that that's out of the way, let me just say that Sombra is an incredibly challenging hero to play at the highest levels because she has incredible depth and a large suite of abilities. After playing a few rounds with her, it was easy to be effective, but I felt like I wasn't even reaching her skill cap.

Her Submachine Gun (SMG) does a lot more damage than I was expecting. Up close it actually felt like a slightly more powerful version of Soldier's damage, but her effective range is much lower, with a wider spray. In that regard it's somewhere between Reaper and Soldier. This is really her bread and butter despite her diverse kit. She really does pack a punch up close.

Hacking isn't really an instrumental part of her kit, but it is a versatile one. She is able to quickly disable all enemy abilities for several seconds. For some heroes, like Soldier, that isn't a huge deal since they can keep firing away. For others, like Lucio or Tracer, it puts them in an incredibly difficult position, because most of their effectiveness comes from their abilities.

It's also worth noting that you can hack health packs to disable them for enemies.

Her Thermoptic Camo is for all purposes legitimate invisibility. There were very few times I was actually detected, and the speed it gives you is an integral part of her kit and effectiveness. It lasts for several seconds and has a very low cooldown.

Her Translocator played very similar to a more versatile version of Reaper or Tracers teleport abilities. It does require more setup time since you have to throw out the Translocator, but once placed, there is a ton of potential.

The EMP of her ultimate is back breaking, disabling all ultimates of enemies in a large radius around her. This is basically an instant-cast version of her basic hacking, and it has pretty devastating effects to the enemy team, particularly when taking down key targets like Reinhardt or Ana.

Finally, Sombra has a passive called Opportunist that lets her see low health enemies through walls and other barriers. This is key for eliminating key targets.

Play Pattern

So how does Sombra play? It's complicated.

The safe way to play her is simply as a front line damage dealer, complimenting your tanks. Hacking Reinhardt is a great way to break through the front lines of coordinated teams, so there isn't anything wrong with playing it safe.

But the riskier and perhaps more rewarding way to play Sombra is as a backline assassin. For instance: You can use your Thermoptic Camo to get into the backlines and then try to pick off a squishy healer like Mercy or Lucio and then throw your Translocator to get out. Or alternatively you can throw translocator first to teleport into the backline, and then use invisibility to run away or switch targets.

Use of Sombra's Translocator to confuse and outwit enemies is incredibly rewarding, similar to Tracer's Blink ability. With her Translocator in combination with Thermoptic Camo, you can confuse heroes with rapid movement and pick off unsuspecting backlines with relative ease.

Overall Thoughts

Sombra's ultimate on the surface doesn't pack as much overt power as say Reaper, Pharah, Soldier, or McCree, and it doesn't have the same immediate support impact that a Mercy res or Lucio sound barrier, but it has far more potential, especially if you are able to sneak into backlines with either Camo or Translocator and then disable several heroes abilities at once.

If being a sneaky master of infiltration and assassin is your playstyle, then Sombra might just be for you.


What do you think of Sombra?


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