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Osiris: New Dawn (still in Early Access) is a space exploration/colonization game. You crash-land on a planet and need to find resources from the local flora and fauna. While doing so, you encounter hostile aliens who get in your way.

Sound familiar? Yes, Osiris: New Dawn bears a strikingly similar premise to the ill-received, investigated-for-fraud No Man's Sky. But as I've said before, it's already showing proof of concept on many of the features players had hoped to see in No Man's Sky. Not enough to officially declare it the No Man's Sky everyone wanted, but enough to make sure the game stays on your radar.

Case in point: giant space-worm deaths.

No Man's Sky's Had a Giant Snake Only In Trailers, Not Actually In Game

Back when No Man's Sky was a panacea to every gamer's gaming wants for the rest of forever, players were super hyped for the game to release because they wanted to hunt that giant, rampaging snake above. Multiple reddit threads appeared from players with a vested interest in hunting this snake down once the game released.

Sadly, players have yet to find the giant serpent, and many fear such a creature did not actually make it into the final cut. But among other wanted features Osiris: New Dawn appears to be delivering on, this is not one I expected.

Literally, I did not expect this to happen and it caught me very, very off guard. See for yourself.

Meanwhile, Behold My Glorious Giant Worm Demise From Playing Osiris

If you want to see more of Osiris: New Dawn, be sure to keep an eye out for more articles as I make my way through all that the game currently has to offer.

But to reiterate: This game is still in Early Access. Things will get added, things will be removed. Personally, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that giant space worm attacks will make it to the final product.

Have you guys run into any other crazy creatures in Osiris: New Dawn?


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