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Fan-art can be a weird or wonderful thing, but it it all comes from the same place: the imagination and creativity of dedicated communities. Fans get inspired by all sorts of sources in video games, from in-game lore to the studio's concept art, and it's amazing to see what they come up with.

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So in the spirit of fan-art, let's take a look as some of the most well-known masked video game characters and let the fans show us what's underneath.

1. Master Chief - Halo

Credit: Anniez19 - Deviant Art

Here we have Master Chief of Halo fame looking particularly hipster with his facial hair, ear piercing and bandana. I like the idea of having something possibly unexpected under the mask and combined with the cool art style, we get a great idea of the man who took on the Covenant.

Unsatisfied? Here are some more ideas.

2. Shy Guy - Mario

Credit: M-Thirteen - Deviant Art

We find Shy Guy's face somewhere between Star Wars' Nien Nunb and the Sarlacc on Tatooine.

What's the matter? Never seen the darker side of the Mario world before?

3. Samus - Metroid

Credit: transfuse - Deviant Art

Battered armor and a trickle of blood show Samus Aran's resolve as she maintains an unwavering expression. It's no secret as to what Samus looks like unmasked but seeing an interpretation of the character behind the suit is always great.

4. Reaper - Overwatch

Credit: reaperxowl - Instagram

Reaper is scary enough with a mask on, so when we see some cheek missing, huge scars and evil red eyes, it doesn't exactly help ease the fear. It's cool to see how his face has transformed from human to post-bomb blast to constantly regenerating and disintegrating.

Bonus: Donald Trump as Reaper

5. Marowak - Pokémon

Credit: Nahm - Deviant Art

Here's a Marowak getting its helmet knocked off, exposing its real head. Although there are a fair few artworks of a mask-less Cubone (thanks to all the dark origin theories), its evolution tends to be overlooked. This is a super cool look at the original ground-type Marowak.

6. Aku Aku & Uka Uka - Crash Bandicoot

Credit: Shaiger - Deviant Art

Although Aku Aku and Uka Uka are literally just floating masks, I love the idea of their human forms. When they're not helping/harassing Crash Bandicoot I imagine the brothers bickering about unimportant things.

7. Jhin - League Of Legends

Credit: MonoriRogue - Deviant Art

Although Jhin being female isn't canon, that doesn't make this fan-art any less cool. The white hair, sandy skin and red eyes remind me of the Ishvalan from Full-Metal Alchemist which may be the inspiration for those choices, as well as the nickname 'The Golden Demon'. The stoic face featured in this artwork looks as though she would have no trouble dealing the death blow.

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Which one was your favorite? Any that I missed that you'd love to see? Comment below!


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