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Jay Ricciardi

I'm writing this on the day after America voted for Donald Trump as the President-Elect. Right now in America, if the popular vote is anything to go off, about half the population is completely terrified. Another half is almost too stunned to celebrate.

The entire world is shocked.

If you're happy with the results, then enjoy some laughs. If you're horrified and need to retreat from the world into some humor to cope, this is especially for you. It's important to take care of our mental health in the face of extreme anxiety.

At this point, after this long and stressful election, maybe a few goofy video game videos is as good a place as any to find common ground as we come out of the collective daze and begin to digest the reality of the 2016 election results.

1. Egoraptor's Classic Too-Real Pok├ębattle

2. Two Icelandic Guys Beeping and Beping in 'Battlefield'

3. SeaNanners Playing 'The Hidden'... With Morgan Freeman?

4. Leeroy Jenkins - An Oldie, But Still A Goodie

5. Not Your Average 'Destiny' Kill Montage

6. 'Overwatch' Honest Trailer

7. Dan Bull's Excellent 'Skyrim' Rap (Less Funny Than Awesome)

8. All of the 'Team Fortress 2' Commercials

9. Early PewDiePie Was an Internet Gem

10. Siv HD Might Have Been The Reason 'League of Legends' Reworked LeBlanc

11. Tobuscus's Literal 'Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood' Trailer Song

12. This Kid Freaking Out Over His New Nintendo 64

Bonus: Sombra's Boop Mashed Up With 'The Can Can'

Have any of your own great gaming videos that you're coping with? I think we'd all appreciate it if you popped 'em in the comments below.


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