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Jay Ricciardi

I try not to say "you need to watch this" lightly... but if you're an Overwatch fan, you need to watch this.

I don't know what compelled YouTuber a_moustache to create this mashup of Sombra's signature 'boop!' and Offenbach's Can Can, but it's the best thing I've seen all day.

If nothing else, in this time of internet vitriol and hate, there's something so pure about a genuine, unadulterated YouTube parody. Here's to you, a_moustache, for brightening our day with this remix of Sombra's animated short, "Infiltration."

is hitting the PTR this week and should be live in Overwatch soon. A few Now Loading Creators got to play her over at this past weekend and you can read up on their experiences if you want a sneak peak at Sombra's abilities and play style:

We'll be booping our foes into submission soon!

Have you spotted any other good Sombra memes or jokes yet? Pop 'em in the comments!


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