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With all the bad news in the world at the moment, it's always nice to see people band together to do something for a good cause. Especially when that something involves almost 500 dollars of the weirdest and most wonderful indie games for a ridiculously low price!

Games For Good: One Of The Greatest Indie Bundles Ever Put Together For A Good Cause

'A Good Bundle' puts together 115 games from creators ranging from the obscure to the famous, including indie darling and some of the text adventures that wowed the crowds at Indiecade 2016. What's more, all profits from the bundle are going to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. The variety of work is almost mind boggling, especially at the $20 level, and the fact that it's for a good cause just makes it even better.

With the sheer amount of stuff included in the pack, you might have trouble deciding what to check out first, here are my top recommendations.

Beads of Orange Glass

This beautiful and strange little game lacks traditional gameplay, but the experience of wandering through the colorful and striking randomly generated worlds is absolutely worth a try. Personally, I find it a lovely and serene way to unwind after a hard day in the video game mines.

Catlateral Damage

My personal favorite, Catlateral Damage puts you in the paws of a disgruntled little kitty and challenges you to swipe as many valuable and breakable objects off the furniture as possible. With tons of levels, unlockable cats and hilarious gameplay, Catlateral Damage is almost worth the $20 on its own. We can only hope for a sequel in which you play a hungry pup and raid as many garbage cans as possible.


An ingenious little chemistry based puzzle game that is engaging, smart, and hair-pullingly difficult. Perhaps pair it with a cathartic round of Catlateral Damage to let out those frustrations.

Gaming For A Good Cause

Now that you've got a little direction on what to check out in the big pile of awesomeness, it's time to dive in! Check out the bundle's webpage here!

What game do you want to check out first? Let us know below!


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