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Monkeys On Your Back

Hello, we are Giovanni and Nicolas, we are from Rome, Italy. We are 24 years old and we recently decided to create our own company, so we did.

We launched this pretty amazing Kickstarter campaign a couple of days ago about our card game called Monkeys On Your Back. It is a card game in which you have to get rid of addictions, represented by monkeys, so you need to get the monkeys off your back. The game is simple, fun, easy to learn and amazingly engaging.

We think is a great project, because it's not only a fantastic game, but it also has a deeper meaning. Ultimately, you need to get rid of addictions before they kill you. So it advocates fun over addiction.

This trailer isn't all Monkey Business

If you are interested, please back it up! We've worked hard on this for over a year now and we think it is a great game that many of you will enjoy, so it will be sad for us to not see it reach the goal.

Thank you for your time.


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