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Welcome to a world of adaptable Artificial Intelligence. Hello Neighbor is a horror game where you try to break into your neighbor's house. But beware, the Neighbor learns from your tactics!

Every move you make, the Neighbor will learn and try to counter. If you make a mistake, the Neighbor can take advantage of it.

Hello Neighbor attempted to create a truly smart A.I., making it almost creepy in its problem-solving capabilities. It will remember everything you do, every mistake you make or way you outsmart it.

And then it will adapt to what it has learned.

Not only will it play defensively, reacting to what you have already done, but also offensively and try to predict what you might do next. As seen in the demo, our "hero" makes it through the house only to find himself barricaded down a hallway he would next have used to escape.

Your goal is to get into the Neighbor's basement. What's in there, who knows? Perhaps you are a hero, rescuing the poor soul who is undoubtedly trapped there. Or maybe you're just really nosy and vandalizing your innocent neighbor's house.

Hello Neighbor teases you, making you desperately want to get to the basement yet also wondering who the real villain is, you or your neighbor?

This isn't merely a game of attrition or Edge of Tomorrow tactics. Hello Neighbor says that the longer the game goes on, the more difficult it is to defeat it. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and the A.I. will remember everything. The map will be quite interactive and every object can be used in some way, both by you and the Neighbor. The world is yours to use, only limited by your own creativity.

Who is more intelligent, you or the game?

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