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Scorestreaks, or Killstreaks as they were formally known, are a quintessential part of Call of Duty's frenetic multiplayer experience. This year, Activision is upping the ante with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, introducing brand new Scorestreaks sure to excite the fanbase.

As you can imagine, with the focus now being placed on futuristic tech, most of the Scorestreaks at your disposal feel uniquely modern. Returning once again is the UAV, Counter UAV and Care Package, but let's take a look at the exciting array of new and improved advanced military weapons.

Infinite Warfare Scorestreaks Guide

UAV (200 Points) – this is Call of Duty bread and butter, the UAV is easily accessible and highlights enemy locations on your minimap.

Scarab (450 Points) – the Scarab is a flying version of the remote control car (RC-XD). The player is able to take manual control of the drone and fly it around the map looking for targets. The player can then detonate the drone on top of the selected target for a cheeky kill.

Drone Package (550 Points) – the Drone Package is Infinite Warfare's version of the Care Package, dropping a mystery box that contains a random reward.

Counter UAV (600 Points) – a standard Call of Duty reward that scrambles enemy players' minimaps.

Vulture (700 Points) – a personal companion drone that follows the player around the map acting as a trigger-happy bodyguard.

Trinity Rocket (750 Points) – much like the famous Predator missile from old school Call of Duty games, this air-to-ground missile is guided into the map by the player remotely.

Scorchers (800 Points) – this is a bombing run carried out by jets that deploy high energy lasers along a designated path.

Bombardment (850 Points) – allows for several missiles to be launched at once from a circling satellite.

Shock Sentry (900 Points) – a futuristic twist on the fan favourite sentry. This adaptation fires shock rounds that damage and link damage enemies in its field of vision.

Warden (1100 Points) – like the hovering helicopters of old, this drone will provide prolonged air cover from above.

Advanced UAV (1250 Points) – Infinite Warfare’s version of the H.A.T.R., this reward reveals the location of the enemy and denotes their direction of travel.

T.H.O.R. (1300 Points) – the Tactical High Output Response is a remote control multiple missile delivery system that can be flown around the map.

R-C8 (1450 Points) – a standalone or player-controlled armored mech that is armed with a powerful rifle and equipped with a durable shield.

AP-3X (1550 Points) – this is what's called a “super” drone that carries a devastating arsenal of weaponry. This is a map shredder!

There isn't a tactical nuke available per se, but there is a device that delivers a similarly devastating blow after after a 25 kill streak. The exact nature of the device is yet to be revealed.

Overall, I think that players will be very happy with the selection of Scorestreaks that are available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. By keeping the fan favourites, while integrating them into the new era, helps ease the community into this iteration.

What I will say, however, is that in Infinite Warfare the Scorestreaks have become less effective in general, nerfed somewhat to allow for more gun-on-gun action -- which is great.

The majority of the Scorestreaks are designed for taking out infantry in open ground; in Infinite Warfare most of the multiplayer gameplay takes place inside. The new focus on PvP is evident and time spent at Call of Duty XP only goes to strengthen this fact.

The multiplayer beta, available on PS4 and Xbox One, rolls in on October 14. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare releases in full on November 4.

What's your Scorestreak of choice?


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