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Not to be outdone by a resurgent EA and their excellent FPS titles, and , Call of Duty: has a few tricks up its bouffant sleeves. Not only does it come with the remaster of the excellent , its zombie mode is promising to be the most fun you can have on this side of the 80s.

Zombies in Spaceland is readying to lift you and three other pals online, or two locally, off into a neon-flavored jaunt through the mind of a twisted genius and his hunt for the perfect space-bound horror movie. Sounds pretty interesting, right? But is it worth picking up Infinite Warfare for?

Ultimate Guide to 'Zombies In Spaceland'

The Story

Let's Dance!
Let's Dance!

Four rather unlucky young and aspiring actors arrive at, what they were led to believe was, an audition for mysterious horror movie director Willard Wyler. Invited to his house to watch old horror movies, the four youngsters are transported into Wyler's latest flick and must fend off the dead and escape before the final reel runs and their souls are left trapped in the film forever.


Watch the characters in action in the first trailer for 'Zombies in Spaceland':

The Heroes

Which of the four aspiring actors should you choose to prevail over the unrelenting hordes of the undead? Let's have a look shall we?


The a-typical athlete of the adventure, will you slipping into his well-used sneakers for a spot of survival?

The Jock
The Jock


Or will you choose Andre, the age-old tired stereotype of a black and angry rapper with a gun fetish?

The Negative Embodiment of Black Masculinity
The Negative Embodiment of Black Masculinity


There's always the Valley Girl, Sally, whose bright clothing probably wouldn't go down well in a stealthy situation.

The Valley Girl
The Valley Girl


And the brains of the outfit with his shoddily repaired glasses and propensity for slapstick humor, as in he's weak and will probably fall over a lot in cut-screens.

The Nerd
The Nerd

The Allies

The DJ

Here's David Hasselhoff seemingly playing himself, or The DJ who will stop at nothing to lend a helping hand to our heroes and escape Wyler's personally crafted hellhole once and for all.

The Hoff
The Hoff

The Villain

Willard Wyler

And here's the malicious and mustachioed madman of the piece, played by Pee-Wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens.


Though you can use a variety of weapons in 'Zombies in Spaceland', like the usual MP weapons and Quest weapons, its 'Zombies in Spaceland's' own craftable 'Wonder Weapon' varieties that really scream.

But before I introduce you to the Spaceland's cartoony second-death devices, here's a little info on how to begin creating your own weapons.

Emerald Hunting

In order to build wonder weapons, you have to collect emeralds/gems/crystals to complete the number of craftable items. In order to collect these emeralds, first you have to guide Brute into the crocodile's mouth in Kepler System. After doing that the mouth will have to be closed in order to carry on.

When closed, buy the gold teeth from Astrocade's ticket machine (300 tickets) and place them in the croc's mouth. A door should then open which leads to a place housing four slots where the emeralds will sit. Now you can move on and get the additional items for each craftable weapon.


Is a pistol that fires single shot energy bullets that causes zombies to recoil into incoming waves, which may buy you an extra few seconds to reload and escape the heat.

In order to build Dischord, you must acquire these three items:

  • A battery
  • Toy disco ball
  • Toxic emerald


Resembles the look of Dischord, but this flashy arcade gun has an even more hilarious effect on the wandering dead. When hit by one of Facemelter's rounds, zombies fly up into the air, explode and then rain fire down on any other undead that happen to be in the radius. Now that is well and truly lit AF.

In order to build Facemelter, you must acquire these three items:

  • A battery
  • Toy rocket ship
  • Electric emerald


A powerful and badass laser weapon that disintegrates a group of zoms on a single hit!

In order to build Shredder, you must acquire three items:

  • Battery
  • Plush alien toy
  • Fire emerald


Instakills all zombies with a single shot. Can even disintegrate groups of them too!

In order to build Headcutter, you must acquire three items:

  • Battery
  • Toy rocket ship
  • Holy emerald

Mystery Wheel

You'll (possibly) be happy to hear that the Mystery Wheel will be returning in 'Zombies in Spaceland', and will still be offering you the chance to spin to win awesome weapons or... not so awesome gear. It's all in the luck of the draw, my friend.


Here's a quick rundown of the perks Infinity Ward have slipped into this year's zombies mode.

Fate & Fortune Cards

A brand new addition to Call of Duty, Fate and Fortune Cards bring huge perks to your character's abilities. The cards are earned by progressing through the story or whilst simply playing. You can build a deck of five cards to be used anytime in game, but beware, the cards expire after a single use.

Fate Cards bring permanent perks to your characters, whilst Fortune Cards only bring a short term boost once. But whilst this addition will add some awesome extra incentive to mowing down hordes of glowy-eyed cadavers, there's a Super Meter that you must fill before using one of your hard earned cards.

Candy Perks

Are pretty much the exact same perks we've been seeing for a while now in both Sledgehammer and Treyarch's iterations of Zombies, but now they have a new name! Bang Bangs, Trail Blazers, Sloppy Taffy and more can be located around the map in various cheeky spots, and will grant each of your heroes a very special ability.

The Map

Whilst not much is known about Spaceland's map just yet, word is it's utterly enormous and insanely interactive. You may just end up milling about in its arcade with your buds for the duration of a game. Speaking of arcades, 'Zombies in Spaceland' has one of the coolest new features.

Instead of forcing you to watch the other players live out their zombie-neutralizing dreams after your death in game, Spaceland will whisk you off to the Afterlife Arcade which is where you'll be dwelling post-death.

Complete with fun-fair games like skee ball and retro Activision 2600 titles to play, Afterlife Arcade will let you play and accumulate tickets in order to earn your way back into the fight before the game ends. So no more waiting around for your teammates to do you a solid.

Techniques For Surviving 'Zombies in Spaceland'

Starting Out

Making Money

If you're new to CoD's Zombie mode, the first thing you have to keep in mind is money. When starting off in the little room, attempt to earn as much money by farming zombies to upgrade weapons as swiftly as possible. The M4 is an admirable choice as an early weapon.

Alternatively, once you start moving around and unlocking new areas of the map to have zombie-slaying fun within, simply get a big group of zombies to amble after you. Now, with the decaying following your every move, unload your weapon into the crowd and watch the cash come rolling in. A bit cruel, but they don't mind I guess. They're dead.

Sparer of the Dead

It's best to get used to not wiping out every last zombie too. If you want to explore the map, upgrade or get new weapons or acquire more cash, leave two zombies alive at the end of each wave. As long as there are two zombies left, a fresh wave will not spawn. So you have the space and the all too precious time to saunter about the map, figuring out strategies as you go.


As CoD Zombie vets know, the Pack-A-Punch machine is a vital component to helping you reach the final stages of the mode, and 'Zombies in Spaceland' is no different. Pack-A-Punch basically recycles your crappy weapons and turns them into something wholeheartedly OP, no zombie will stand in your way. In theory at least.

'Zombies in Spaceland' is actually quite strict with its Pack-A-Punch machines, and it will send you on a merry chase in order to find them. First of all you have to restore power to various sections of the park, which will activate four portals. Then, you have to find and head through each portal, activating a giant one in the centre area of the map which will lead you to the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Here are the locations of the four portals:

  • Astrocade: In the Journey Into Space area, head into the arcade. When in the arcade search out a power switch. Turn it on then head to the portal right next to it.
  • Galaxy Journey: Staying in Journey Into Space, head down the path behind the DJ to find a switch. After switching on the switch, head back to the DJ to find the portal.
  • Kepler System: Heading out of the centre area, open the first door on the left and head upstairs. There'll be a power switch on the wall. Now leave and head downstairs to find a portal.
  • Polar Peak: Make sure your upstairs in Polar Peak for this one, after unlocking the door obviously. There will be a power switch on the wall again. Flick it, head down and a portal you shall find.


N31L is a little robotic badass that offers you challenges that you can complete for even more XP and cash. The only downside with N31L is you have to build him, of course. This is turning out to be the Ikea of shooters. In order to put N31L together, you're going to have to:

  • Find a battery
  • Get a floppy disk
  • And ensure you pop its head back on its body. You can find its angry head on a cart near the entrance to Polar Peak in the centre area.

Completing all of N31L's challenges will nab you 225 tickets and another very special perk. Here are the challenges:

  • Earn multikills
  • Kill zombies from a distance
  • Don’t venture into the Last Stand
  • Kill zombies with nothing but melee attacks
  • Kill zombies whilst jumping

After nailing N31L's challenges, The Hoff will pause his DJ-duty and assist you in your survival. He's invincible, bad with a weapon and has the ability to revive you once you perish. And you will perish.

As more information about the game begins to gather speed, you better believe we'll be keeping this list updated. So you know to keep your eyes locked to Now Loading, gamer!

What was your favorite iteration of CoD Zombies?

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