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The world of DC Comics is vast and interesting. It's full of powerful men and women that face off against dangerous psychopaths and literal Gods on a daily basis. Only in DC can mortal men like Batman pick a fight with Kryptonian warriors like Superman, and live to tell the tale!

With such an interesting and combative world, you can see why the heroes and villains of DC lend themselves so well to a fighting game environment. Who doesn't want to take control of their favorite comic book characters and have them beat each other senseless in a Mortal Kombat-esque tournament? Luckily, we'll all get the chance come May 16, when Injustice 2 hits game store shelves!

Of course, not every character in the DC universe belongs in a fighting game. Sure, DC's finest like Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing work well,, but for every shining diamond, there's always a...dusty rock. Here are six DC Comics characters who we probably won't see joining the fight in the upcoming Injustice 2!

1. The (Original) Red Bee

The Original Red Bee [Credit: DC Comics]
The Original Red Bee [Credit: DC Comics]

To find the first entry in this list, we technically have to venture outside of the world of DC Comics. Before he was obtained by DC, the Red Bee was a character owned by the now-defunct Quality Comics. Even after being obtained by DC, this character's coolness factor didn't go up very much.

The Red Bee doesn't have any powers; much like Batman and Green Arrow, he patrols the streets as nothing but a mortal man with gadgets and a flashy costume. But while Batman has his batarangs and Green Arrow has arrows, all Richard "Red Bee" Raleigh has is his fists, a tiny taser rifle called the "Stinger", and actual trained bees.

You'd think going out in a bright costume with nothing but a tiny zap gun and trained insects against the villains of the DC universe would make you extra heroic, but it really just makes you an easier target. Thus, I doubt we'll see Red Bee join the godly ranks of Batman and Superman in Injustice 2. However, there is hope for his human/insect hybrid grandniece, who would go on to be a much cooler and threatening version of the Red Bee.

The New Red Bee [Credit: DC Comics]
The New Red Bee [Credit: DC Comics]

2. Codpiece

Codpiece. [Credit: DC Comics]
Codpiece. [Credit: DC Comics]

Sometimes a company might be struggling to come up with a fresh and new idea for a supervillain; a character unlike any other that they or their many competitors have ever created. But sometimes, there's such a thing as "too out of the box".

Codpiece may be unlike any other villain in the DC universe, but that's not necessarily a good thing. This is due to the fact that his main tool against his mortal enemies, the Doom Patrol, is a swiss army knife-stlye transforming weapon attached to his crotch area. The weapons range from a powerful blaster to a boxing glove attached to a spring, but they all have one thing in common; they're all extremely suggestive, and likely to keep Codpiece out of Injustice 2 DLC packs.

3. Calendar Man

If there's one thing DC loves, it's Batman. Batman is the face of DC Comics, he's the leader of the Justice League, and he's so famous that even his gallery of sidekicks and criminals get a ton of recognition (especially in video games).

The first Injustice featured a plethora of Batman heroes and villains, and quite a few have been announced for Injustice 2. It's likely we'll see a few more Batman rogues join the fight in Injustice 2, but one villain we definitely won't see strapping up is Calendar Man.

Not there's anything wrong with the holiday-obsessed Julian Day, but there's nothing special about him either. Besides being a pretty good inventor, all Calendar Man really does is coincide his various crimes with holidays and special events. If he were to join Injustice 2, his special move would probably be waiting until Christmas to drop a giant candy cane on top of his opponent.

4. Kite Man

Another member of Batman's D-team of villains, Kite Man, is known as "The Man Who Can Fly Anything". Although, for some reason he chooses to stick to a giant hanglider rather than a plane, a jet, or anything much more effective.

Admittedly, a guy flying around in a hanglider is pretty cool, and maybe if he had some cool weapons to go along with it, he might be a good air-type fighter for Injustice 2. But Kite Man decided to really live up to his name by only using kites and kite-based weapons to fight against Batman. Because nothing says "menacing and terrifying villain" like the easily tangled toys we all had as a child.

5. Zan of the Wonder Twins

Does anyone remember the Wonder Twins? That weird cartoon duo of shapeshifters and their monkey sidekick? Like Harley Quinn, the Wonder Twins had their start on a DC animated show — in this case, Super Friends. Soon after, they appeared in the mainstream DC Comics universe.

Jayna has the power to transform into any animal, real or not; kind of like Beast Boy from the Teen Titans. This kind of power makes her an excellent candidate for Injustice 2. However, her brother has less of a chance. While his sister can turn into any animal big or small, Zan can shift into any form of water, whether it be vapor, liquid, or solid. The most threatening thing Zan could do with a power like that is cause his opponent to slip in a puddle. That's more of an inconvenience than an attack if anything.

BONUS: Danny The Street

At least the other entries on this list have arms and legs to give them a slight chance of making the Injustice 2 roster. Danny here has neither. That's because, as his name would suggest, Danny is literally a sentient street.

His only power is the ability to teleport himself to any location in the world and seamlessly integrate himself there. The only way Danny would find his way into Injustice 2 is as a stage, but that would probably make players feel bad ripping him apart with every stage interaction.

So there you have it, five characters (plus a street) that we probably won't see joining the fight in Injustice 2 anytime soon!

Are there any characters that you think should be added to this list? If so, list them off in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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