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Injustice 2 is out today and chock full of awesome content. There's tons of game modes to play through including an Arcade mode, a Multiverse challenge mode and a Story mode that lives up to the usual high standards of NetherRealm stories. Most important though (at least to those of us who like to make our fighters look awesome) are the various unlockable cosmetic items, including gear pieces that can totally change your character's stats.

How To Unlock Gear, Shaders And Premier Skins In 'Injustice 2'

There's three kinds of cosmetic alterations available in , these are Gear, Shaders and Premier skins. While gear alters your character's stats and movesets, the other two types of alterations are purely cosmetic. Each of these are unlocked in different ways, as we've outlined in our below.

How To Unlock Gear

Check out the story trailer for Injustice 2 below:

Every character in Injustice 2 has various gear they can equip. This gear comes in four slots: Head, arms, legs, torso and some kind of item, usually a weapon. The gear you equip offers various stat bonuses in certain modes, and can even give your character new moves and abilities! In other modes, such as ranked matches, the gear is purely cosmetic, but still great for looking fly while you fight.

Unlocking gear is a simple process — the more you fight, the more gear you unlock. Each fight you take part in, whether it's against the AI or a ranked multiplayer match against a seasoned pro, there's a chance to unlock a random piece of gear. Gear also comes in sets, usually focused around a certain look or theme, such as the USSR-themed Superman outfit from the Red Son comic. Wearing multiple parts of a set will grant you extra stat bonuses in certain modes, on top of the regular bonuses.

If you have certain pieces of gear you like the appearance of, but prefer another gear's stats, you can spend source crystals to attach the stats of one gear to another gear's appearance.

How To Unlock Shaders

'Injustice 2' [Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]
'Injustice 2' [Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]

Shaders are special cosmetic unlocks that change the color scheme of your character. Unlike gear, shaders do not grant any stat bonuses or abilities, no matter what mode you're playing in.

In the beta of Injustice 2, it was possible to unlock shaders at random rare intervals in a similar manner to how you unlock gear. Simply playing matches would have a very small chance to unlock a shader. Currently, it's not confirmed whether this is possible in the full game.

As of this moment, the main confirmed way to unlock shaders is by spending source crystals. Source crystals are an in-game currency, obtained through micro-transactions. This currency can then be spent on both shaders and premier skins, but cannot be used to purchase any stat-altering gear.

How To Unlock Premier Skins

'Injustice 2' [Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]
'Injustice 2' [Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]

Premier skins are different from shaders in that they alter your entire character into another, similar character. Currently confirmed premier skins include:

  • Mister Freeze (For Captain Cold)
  • Power Girl (For Supergirl)
  • Jay Garrick (For Flash)
  • Reverse Flash (For Flash)
  • John Stewart Green Lantern (For Hal Jordan)
  • Vixen (For Cheetah)
  • Grid (For Cyborg)

These skins not only alter your character's appearance, but also their voice actor and lines. Currently it's not known whether they'll also alter the animations of the character.

Premier skins can be unlocked via a variety of methods. The Reverse Flash, Power Girl and John Stewart skins come with the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2. Others, such as Mr. Freeze, Jay Garrick and Vixen can be purchased with source crystals.

The Grid skin is a special case, it can be unlocked by installing the Injustice 2 free-to-play mobile game on your device, then linking your account to your main Injustice 2 account. You don't need to spend any money or pass any challenges to unlock this skin, so if you want it, just install the mobile game, link accounts and uninstall it again after you've finished unlocking the skin.

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