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The day is finally here, Injustice 2 is available in North America for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course Android and iOS if you're like the thousands of mobile gamers who have already been getting their fix of superhero combat.

DC's latest mobile game has become a stellar launching platform for the console edition, and has ushered in a new era for mobile fighting games with a completely overhauled combat system, character animation and seamless visuals. Injustice 2 has become a new favorite for many gamers, but that doesn't mean that you can't still step into the fray. But perhaps you're not sure where to start, so here's your primer for maximizing your potential in Injustice 2.

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1. Vary Your Attack Pattern

Obviously like any fighting game, one of the main tenants is the ability to attack. Just like in Injustice: Gods Among Us, every hero has their own style of fighting, but in Injustice 2 the attack system has been overhauled and it's one of the best features about the game.

Injustice 2 is more than just a screen mashing, fighting game like previous games in the genre. With the system overhaul NetherRealm Studios has massively increased the attack capabilities. Now each hero in addition to their unique special moves can attack in a varied pattern:

  • Standard Attack - screen tap
  • Jump Attack - swipe up
  • Crouch Attack - swipe down
  • Dash Attack - swipe right
  • Ranged Attack - swipe left & screen tap

That means that all these attacks can be used in combination to maximize the damage given to your opponent. Yet it's still a matter of timing and blocking that will win or lose your battle, but by understanding how your preferred hero uses these attacks you can find a suitable pattern to beef up your combo hits.

2. Understand The Character Classes

Every character in the game is characterized into one of five special classifications: Tech, Agility, Might, Meta and Arcane.

  • Tech is strong against Might, but weak against Meta.
  • Agility is strong against Meta, but weak against Might.
  • Might is strong against Agility, but weak against Tech.
  • Meta is strong against Tech, but weak against Agility.
  • Arcane has no strengths or weaknesses against any classes.

Injustice 2 allows you to build actual strategy into your battle plan before you go through the campaign, the arena, challenges and eventually the tournament. Each character is designated as one of the special classes above and knowing how they work will let you customize your team to match your preferred play style. Whether you want to build your team of 3 around an overwhelming attack or a strong defense - Injustice 2 lets you play however you wish, meaning that no one collection of characters is necessarily better than another. The key is understanding strengths and weaknesses to maximize potential.

For example, taking a full team of Meta characters (Swamp Thing, The Flash & Scarecrow) against a team of Agility characters (Robin, Harley Quinn & Black Canary) probably isn't the smartest move, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to win.

3. Unlock And Wait

This one is pretty obvious, but the key is to do this in combination with the first two tips. As you progress through the game, unlocking new characters it can be very tempting to update your team of three with your new hero.

Unlocking new characters is great, but unless the new hero has a better star rating, then you're better off keeping your group exactly how it is. In the long run you're better off to work on maximizing the team of three that you've been working with for a while, and the reasoning is fairly logical. Since there is only a set amount of energy that you can spend in a day, it's best to use that energy to boost your strongest characters through the campaign.

But that doesn't mean that you should just forget about your recently unlocked characters. Injustice 2 introduced two new features this time around: Resource Missions & Operations.

  • Resource Missions allow you to run three missions daily to earn XP for your team as well as XP capsules and coins.
  • Operations allow you to assign 3 heroes to complete a variety of tasks based on their threat level.

The Operations are really the most practical way to boost your team without wasting your energy in the campaign simply to gain experience. By sending your heroes to complete operations, they gain experience and coin for each, bht they can also find gear and shards on the higher level operations.

4. Systematically Upgrade Your Primary Heroes

It's very important to upgrade your team, that's a fairly standard procedure in any game. Without upgrading, there's really no sense in even attempting to face higher levels since it would be seemingly impossible to win.

By combining all the other tips above, you can effectively utilize your team in combat, but that will only take you so far without upgrading your heroes. There are a few ways to maximize the benefits of upgrading (which costs you coin).

Upgrade Your Abilities

Your abilities are a combination of special moves and a passive ability (available after leveling to Two Star). Your special moves are explained and you can level them up from within the roster selection. With each upgrade your hero becomes more dangerous and his/her attacks will become more effective.

Upgrade Your Talents

The Talents are an interesting aspect of your character's power, because as your star rating rises, so do the number of talents that you can utilize. Talents range from increased XP earning to critical hit percentage. Each talent can be re-rolled and then you're given the option of keeping your old talent or swapping for the new one.

Upgrade Your Gear

Gear is one of the last elements that you earn in terms of progression through the game. Some gear is earned by completing campaign levels, others can be purchased in the arena and others are found in the free crates. However you find it, each piece of gear gives the hero a perk, and for when you match gear sets you get additional hero bonuses that impact your hero's threat level and power.

Injustice 2 on mobile is a great way to keep your thirst for superhero combat alive while you're way from your console; whether it's at work, school, mass transit or anywhere in between.

Do you have any tips that we missed? Make sure to comment below and share it with other gamers!


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