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Injustice 2 has another update, which includes more unlockable character shaders and Legendary Multiverse planets to enjoy — but a new patch for the game, meant to fix a few issues, has unintentionally caused more problems.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first: Injustice 2 players have reported pieces of gear, ranging from armor pieces to shaders, vanishing — and in some cases, their entire gear inventory has disappeared, leaving all of their characters with nothing. This is definitely not good since some players have been grinding for great gear sets since launch day. (Personally, I lost one piece to the complete Knightfall Bane gear set; I can't even imagine the heartbreak of a gamer who lost their entire inventory, the poor souls.)

So that's the bad news. The good news is that NetherRealm Studios has heard players' cries for help, and they are looking into the issue, hoping to fix this problem ASAP:

One thing you can definitely say about NetherRealm is that they always listen to their players. So, if you haven't updated and started your game up yet today, DON'T! Meanwhile, for those who did update and lost our gear — whether it was only a few or all — we should try to take some deep breaths.

There have been reports of some players managing to get their gear back by opening Mother Boxes, and others by simply doing a hard restart of their game, but for now it would just seem best for players to step away from Injustice 2 until a new update addresses these issues.

Either way, more good stuff is coming from Injustice 2 in the upcoming weeks: Mortal Kombat alumni Raiden and DC's Black Lightning are dropping by very soon, Hellboy is on the way, and three more characters will join them. Who's excited?

Did you lose your Injustice 2 gear? Sound off in the comments below!


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