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Every battle may define you in Injustice 2 but does the game itself define the brand name and fighting game genre? Does it live up to the epic DC Comics franchise and supersede the original Gods Among Us in every conceivable way? Is it NetherRealm's best work since Mortal Kombat?! Well, my friends, the reviews are in and critics have formed a nice little consensus on for us all to mull over.

Check out what lies in store with the epic story trailer for Injustice 2:

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Reviews Are In: Injustice 2 Ain't Just A Great DC Game, It's A Wonderful Fighting Game

[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]

Across the board, critics have praised Injustice 2 and NetherRealm for a spectacular effort on the fighting game front. This is everything you could seemingly want from the genre, featuring a ton of great, varied characters, epic combos, fresh systems and superb mechanics:

Xbox Achievements - 85/100 Rating

Another cracking effort from NetherRealm whose games seem to go from strength-to-strength with each successive iteration. Along with Mortal Kombat X, this is among the best the studio has created to date, its fighting mechanics polished to an almost mirror sheen.

GameInformer - 9/10 Rating

Injustice 2 is a huge game, offering a lengthy story-based campaign, a great fighting experience, and a nearly endless supply of notable loot. The small tweaks to combat go a long way in creating a more dynamic flow, which resonates well in multiplayer matches.

GameSpot - 9/10 Rating

NetherRealm has been on a roll since 2011's Mortal Kombat reboot, and with the release of Injustice 2, it's come one step closer to perfecting its particular brand of fighting game. Injustice 2 is dense, deep, and refined, but also accessible to newcomers thanks to relatively simple move lists and a variety of rewarding new gameplay opportunities.

Injustice 2's Customization Options Are Spectacular

[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]

One of the key features of Injustice 2 comes with its customization options. You'll be able to tailor your favorite superheroes in whatever way you want, lending a tremendous degree of depth to just about every aspect of the game. Critics heaped a ton of praise onto this aspect of the game:

Twinfinite - 4.5/5 Rating

Every single character in the game can be leveled up (which increased their base stats) and equipped with new pieces of gear and abilities. While the various armor pieces and weapons change the outward appearance of your favorite heroes and villains, adding an insane amount of aesthetic customization, they also add specific stat boosts, can include various buffs and perks, and some even change how specific attacks act in battle. It’s a full RPG system that adds variety to the already impressive roster of 28 fighters.

Eurogamer - Recommended Badge

Some of the more powerful items carry augments, such as increasing the amount of damage you do under certain circumstances. There are gear set bonuses, and you can even equip abilities that trigger some effect, such as making a special move work differently. There's a lot to like about Injustice 2's gear system. I really enjoy customising the characters I care about with different outfits, and some of the epic gear sets look brilliant.

Injustice 2's Story Is One Of Its Defining Features

[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]

Story isn't exactly something we expect from fighting games. Street Fighter 2 is just fine without one, after all. But NetherRealm have demonstrated that a good story in this genre is more than welcome — Mortal Kombat had a really impressive narrative, did it not? Well all of that game's greatness has been improved upon for Injustice 2:

Nerdist - 4.5/5 Rating

Overall, the narrative is much easier to follow in comparison to the first game, however I enjoyed the madness from the first game a bit more. That’s not to say that Injustice 2 isn’t interesting; it’s just a bit less wild. To be honest, it’s a much more cohesive narrative than Batman v Superman.

Destructoid - In Progress

Like the new presentation, the story was able to build on the mythos developed in the first title and led to a more engaging narrative. It's not perfect, as some characters are forced in still, and some of the writing is hokey, but there's a lot more focus and even fun in the dialogue this time around.

IGN - In Progress

As you explore the conflict between Batman and Superman and the greater threat looming behind their war, you take control of nearly every playable character. This imparts a feeling of epic scale, giving you a glimpse into a global threat through the eyes of every central player in that saga.

Critical Consensus? One of the best fighting games of the year and potentially better than NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat games. I don't think we could have asked for more than that. Get yourself out there and grab Injustice 2!

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