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We may only be under two months away from the official release of and the hype train has without a doubt left the station. Which is great, as NetherRealm Studios apparently has no intention of slowing the train down.

Within the past several weeks, NetherRealm have confirmed the return of Green Arrow and Green Lantern, as well as the Injustice game series debuts of Firestorm and Doctor Fate. Without giving us enough time to process all of the above information and how insanely awesome it is, NetherRealm have released another trailer which showcases Supergirl and confirms the return of fan-favorite character, Black Adam.

A Broken House of El

The latest Injustice 2 trailer - "Shattered Alliances, Part 3" - finally reveals the backstory of Supergirl in the Injustice universe, and reveals why she was not present during the events of Injustice.

We find Kara fighting alongside her cousin. While this would be normal in any other iteration of the character, it is shocking to find her alongside Superman in the universe. As we know, Superman was imprisoned for being a tyrant, so what exactly is he doing out of jail, and why would Kara side with him when we know she is part of Batman's team? We later come to understand that this is a flashback, as Kara tries to remind Superman what the House of El stands for. Kara then flies away from Earth and toward the Sun.

Credit: NetherRealm
Credit: NetherRealm

In the present day, we find Kara fighting alongside Wonder Woman while she narrates the line "You've taught me what my powers could do." It seems that NetherRealm have borrowed from the Superman/Batman storyline, as it looks as if Wonder Woman taught Kara how to fight and control her powers on Themyscira.

We have now seen Kara fight with (and against!) Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. I can only imagine that 's ties to each of the trinity will become a major plot point in Injustice 2.

While also revealing Kara and her ties to Wonder Woman, the trailer showcased the return of a fan favorite villain.

Black Adam Returns

Black Adam in Injustice 2 [Source:NetherRealm Studios]
Black Adam in Injustice 2 [Source:NetherRealm Studios]

During the pre-Injustice scene, we see a young Kara take on Black Adam in a glorious Khandaq battlefield. This scene most likely takes place before Superman's Regime forced Black Adam to submit himself to Superman's rule, so does that mean the Egyptian God will be exclusive to that flashback scene?

The answer? Not likely. If anything, this trailer has all but confirmed a new member for Grodd's villainous Society. siding with Grodd makes more sense than him battling alongside the remnants of Superman's Regime. Black Adam was only fighting with Superman to protect the civilians of Khandaq, so seeing him side with Grodd to destroy the remaining members of both the Regime and Insurgency is the most logical choice.

For a one minute trailer, "Shattered Alliances: Part 3" certainly gave us a lot of new information regarding the plot of Injustice 2. We now know that Supergirl fled Earth in disgust of her cousin's actions, that she was taught to fight by Wonder Woman, and that she will go head to head with her cousin. Oh, and Black Adam will be appearing and most likely side with Grodd.


Who do you think Supergirl will side with?


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