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There are some fans who go the extra mile for their games, whether it's dressing up in incredible cosplay or completing insane speedruns, they achieve feats of creativity and dedication that put the rest of us fans to shame. We're going to introduce you to one of those individuals today, because it'd be a disservice to their achievements not to.

Zelda Fan Controls His House With An Ocarina

[Credit: Youtube - Sufficiently Advanced]
[Credit: Youtube - Sufficiently Advanced]

You may think you're the top dog when it comes to fans. Maybe you own a ton of collectible statues, maybe you've got every amiibo of Link ever released. Compared to Allen Pan though, we're all amateurs.

Allen has managed to alter his entire house into one giant Ocarina-controlled home-base, where everything from locking the doors to watering his plants is achieved by playing an ditty on an actual Ocarina.

[Credit: Youtube - Sufficiently Advanced]
[Credit: Youtube - Sufficiently Advanced]

To do this, Allen wired his entire house with a raspberry pi (a cheap, but versatile miniature computer beloved by makers and DIY fanatics) and a series of wireless-connected microphones and sensors. Allen then programmed the microphones to recognize the different notes of an Ocarina and respond when certain Ocarina of Time songs are played.

Now as long as Allen has his trusty Ocarina on him, he can turn on the lights with the Song of the Sun, find his phone with Epona's song, heat his house with the Bolero of Fire and unlock his front door with Zelda's Lullaby, among other things. Let's hope his locks work normally as well, I'd hate to be locked out of my house for forgetting my Ocarina!

Allen Pan regularly makes amazing engineering creations on YouTube under the name Sufficiently Advances and was featured on Mythbusters: The Search. He currently has a Patreon to fund more awesome videos and inventions. If it brings us more stuff like this, sounds worth it to me!

What's the craziest thing you or someone you know has created to express your/their fandom? Let us know in the comments!


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