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Mass Effect: Andromeda is nearly upon us, and Origin/EA Access members are able to play a 10-hour trial ahead of the game's release. Sure, you should take a look at a 101 of everything the game has to offer to prepare yourself ahead of time, but you know what else you should do?

Know how to look good.

If there's one thing games have, it's customization options. If you're curious about what hairstyles and corresponding colors you'll be able to choose from when the game launches on Tuesday, we have you covered. And if you're looking for the female hairstyles or the male facial-hair options, we have those as well!

A Quick Rundown Of All 64 Color Options, Plus A Peek At Tattoos, Makeup, And More

Before we take a closer look at each hairstyle, we put together a video showcasing all the color options available for each style. Plus, there's a quick look at all the tattoo and makeup options, too!

Up next? The hairstyles themselves. This time around, both males and females have 12 different options (though the numbering starts at 0). Check 'em out below!

Hairstyle 0

Hairstyle 1

Hairstyle 2

Hairstyle 3

Hairstyle 4

Hairstyle 5

Hairstyle 6

Hairstyle 7

Hairstyle 8

Hairstyle 9

Hairstyle 10

Hairstyle 11

What are some of your favorite styles and colors?


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