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During the Nintendo Switch Presentation, most of us were asleep—though to be fair, it started at 5AM in Europe—but now that we've caught up on the release date and launch line-up, we can start doing what the internet does best: indiscriminately judging things.

Internet Reacts To The Nintendo Switch Presentation

The Nintendo Switch is a portable home consoles - [Credit: Nintendo]
The Nintendo Switch is a portable home consoles - [Credit: Nintendo]

We had a lot of expectations coming into the presentation, for instance, that Breath of the Wild would be a launch title, that we'd see a new Mario game, an assortment of quirky projects will be revealed and no doubt some other surprises. We got some of what we wanted, some things we're not too excited for and a few curveballs that threw us for a loop. Despite this, the reactions to the presentation were absolutely brilliant.

Some sat down, totally unaware of the events that would befall them

Events like this

Though it was made clear not all games are meant to be system sellers

Which is fine when most of your eggs are in this basket:

Some pointed out the savage home truth about launch line-ups

Whilst those with a fluent understanding of Japanese celebrated

Those without cracked jokes

Others put their money where the preorder button was

But some couldn't

Some did, but for pessimistic reasons

Though honestly Super Mario Run is making Nintendo a mint.

One guy couldn't wait and tried to create the Switch

Whilst time travelers created the perfect review for the Switch

And some of us are simply looking for lurve...

Seriously though, the Switch presentation ignited a furor in people, whether you're rekindling a sense of childlike wonder or resigned for another Nintendo failure, we'll find out how the console performs on March 3rd.


Do you think the Switch will be a success?


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