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Pokémon origami? Of course there's such a thing, what did you expect from the pop culture behemoth?

Although it may sound a little odd, there are some amazing paper Pocket Monsters out there, so let's take a look at some of the best ones.

Note: I've included tutorials for almost every design, but if you've never made origami before, I'd advise looking at some general tutorials beforehand as these creations are really tricky.


Credit: Henry Phạm

This impressive piece of paper manipulation produces a wonderful Espeon. You can add the gem and eyes if you wish, but it turns out amazingly accurate anyway, so you may not feel you need to.


Credit: Haruka Hashimoto

The legendary Pokémon looks impressive even in origami form. As you may imagine, it's immensely complicated, but here's the crease pattern in case you feel up to a challenge.

If the crease pattern doesn't look like anything to you, then use videos like this to help you make sense of it. Just look for the patterns you've seen before and break it down.


Credit: Kakami Hitoshi

I love this design. It looks intimidating, powerful and accurate without needing to rely on added features like eyes. The body folds are great, but I think the fins and forehead are the highlights of this fantastic creation.

The only downside is the lack of tutorial.

Latias & Latios

Credit: Wan Origami

Whichever your favorite Eon Pokémon may be, the method will be the same as you need only choose red or blue. It's incredible how you can fold a piece of paper and arrive at this. Here's to hoping we get mega versions.


Credit: Kakami Hitoshi

An often overlooked Pocket Monster, Relicanth gets a great origami tribute here. Without having to add anything it looks amazingly accurate, which is thanks to the paper having a different color on each side.

Here's the crease pattern if you want to try your hand at this design.


Credit: Tadashi Mori

Everyone's favorite Pokémon card has evolved into a 3D realization, and if you think this looks complicated, you're not wrong. The video above is only step one of three, but if you manage to get through them all you end up with an incredibly intricate Charizard.


Credit: Kakami Hitoshi

By using some shiny purple paper, this Ambipom really pops. Even in origami form you can sense its mischievous aura thanks to great design work. If you think you can manage this, take a look at the crease pattern here.


Credit: axojisan

Another cool design which yields a cool result: the legendary Pokémon of time. This is more of a fun, cute take on the usually majestic beast, but it's impressive nonetheless. The tutorial may be hard to follow in places, so make sure your skills are up to scratch before you attempt this one.

Bonus: Pokéball

Credit: Jeremy Shafer

This may not seem all that tricky from the picture, but there's definitely a decent level of complexity in this Pokéball that can open and close. Yes, it uses two sheets of paper, but it's still a super cool design.

How else are you gonna catch all these origami Pokémon?

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Have you made any origami Pokémon? Do you think you could handle these beasts? Let me know in the comments!



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