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The myth surrounding Batman has had a seemingly unending number of interpretations over the years since he was created in 1939. Batman has appeared in comics, animation, feature films and video games over the last 75+ years. And considering how deep and intricate his story is, it's easy to understand why he's such a popular character to bring into the various mediums over the years.

In terms of video games, Batman has only been saving Gotham City since 1986 when his first game was introduced in Europe, with the first North American game arriving in 1988. Since that point, Batman has appeared in over 20 Batman-centric games (not including the various games).

So when you look at it that way has a plethora of games that have attempted to retell his story, and Batman: The Telltale Series is the most recent attempt at crafting a unique story that does justice to Batman's legacy. With the fifth and final episode, City of Light, being released on Dec 13th, the question on many fan's minds is: does it stand up as a great Batman game, or does it just settle with being an okay Batman game?

Batman: The Telltale Series is definitely the most unique addition to the countless stories across the gaming universe. Let's take a look at what we've seen so far from .

Episode 1: Realm of Shadows

This was our first introduction to Telltale's rendition of the Dark Knight, and it caught many fans off guard when it arrived. Many fans, myself included, had never really gone deep into other Telltale games, so the responsive action sequences were a little awkward to get used to at the beginning. At least on my part, as I was trying to learn the gaming system as well as pay attention to the story. In Realm of Shadows we're introduced to several important characters to Batman's legacy.

This episode sets the story in motion for what Batman is about to face with Cobblepot's comments about a "revolution" coming. All the options and possibilities lead Bruce and Batman into a much deeper story.

Episode 2: Children of Arkham

In Episode Two, we start to see more of the story filling out. Bruce looks deeper into the events that surrounded his parent's murder, and begins to unravel the plot orchestrated by Cobblepot, now calling himself The Penguin.

Bruce/Batman go even further into the history of the character, partnering with Catwoman the two unravel a much deeper and darker plot.

Episode 3: New World Order

At the halfway point of Batman: The Telltale Series, we find Bruce in the middle of a storm. Facing allegations about his family while watching his empire crumble, Batman is forced to make several choices that bring him closer and closer to the truth.

But when he finally faces off against the Children of Arkham, he begins to see the bigger story that he's wrapped up in.

Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham

As Bruce finds himself surrounded by the various villains in Arkham Asylum, he learns about the truth from a mysterious psychotic patient called John Doe. John explains what is really going on with Lady Arkham.

Bruce must choose carefully who he associates with in Arkham as he is the target of the other inmates (some of whom his father imprisoned).

Episode 5: City of Light

The culmination of the story that has been building finds Batman squaring off against either The Penguin or Two-Face depending on his actions in the previous episode. Regardless of his path, Batman finds himself facing Lady Arkham with the option of revealing the truth of who he is or remaining hidden behind the cowl.

All in all the game as a whole in truly entertaining, and as I said earlier is a unique addition to the lore surrounding Batman and Gotham City. The main difference between Batman: The Telltale Series is that it revolves around choice and the creation of the story itself and it's not strictly a linear gameplay. Batman: The Telltale Series allows you to feel as though you're creating part of Batman's legacy.

It's a worthy game and a solid addition to the collection of Batman games, and any new Bat-story is going to come under some scrutiny from the die hard Bat-fans.

Have you experienced the newest addition to the collection of Batman games?


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