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Gaming news is on fire with the story that Mass Effect seems to have been put on haitus by EA. BioWare Montreal has been downsized, with staff being spread to other projects. With the recent shambles that was Mass Effect Andromeda's launch, most see this as a reaction to the critical backlash such a highly anticipated game received.

Everybody is quite upset that the beloved series looks to be taking a break, but we have to ask if this is such a bad thing. When an IP takes a break, it can come back with much more aplomb than it left with.

Andromeda Was Not What It Should Have Been

[Credit: EA BioWare]
[Credit: EA BioWare]

You probably won't find anybody who disagrees with this. Compared to the masterpiece that was Mass Effect 2, or even Mass Effect 3, Andromeda was a disappointment. After so much anticipation, the unpolished visuals, dodgy writing and uninspiring story, was a huge let down for fans. The confidence and vision the series once had appeared to have been sucked away. Andromeda could have been great, but it lacked the vision to live up to its name.

We've all been there. That passion we once had, slowly degraded by time. Sometimes we need to take a step back to reassess our lives and find that fire again. Perhaps that's what is needed for one of EA's best pieces of IP.

If Players Have To Wait A Decade - So Be It

We only had five years between Mass Effect 3 and the new title, even if it feels like more. For a game so big, a reboot such as Andromeda arrived rather quickly, and it showed. The creative vision was there, but it mostly borrowed from the previous games, and nothing radical and exciting was there. While undeniably fun, it did not feel as fresh as it should have.

If we don't get an announcement for the next Mass Effect title for another ten years, I won't be hugely disappointed. Enough exceptional titles come out each year with incredibly varied IPs that gamers will never be lacking something great to play. If ten years is the price for a truly incredible Mass Effect game, I would say that it is a fair exchange.

BioWare Needs New Life - We Should Be Happy To Let Them Find It

Cardboard cutout villain #3025 [Credit: EA BioWare]
Cardboard cutout villain #3025 [Credit: EA BioWare]

BioWare was once a fresh and inventive games studio, but in the past few years, with the passable success of Dragon Age: Inquisition and now Andromeda, questions begin to be asked as to whether the studio needs to take some time to find itself again.

EA's statement, featured by Kotaku, isn't disappointing, it's a love letter to the studio that they know can do so much, and I really hope that the statement is true:

There will be much more to come from BioWare in the years ahead.

Creativity isn't a constant, it takes time to make something great. We should all be willing to give EA and BioWare the time and space they need to do something great with the universes we love so much.

Are you disappointed with the direction EA is going with BioWare? Or do you see this as a new opportunity for them? Sound off in the comments below!


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