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The latest Mass Effect adventure will take us to stars we'd only dream of, to places we'd only imagine, and an accidental Mass Effect: Andromeda art book listing on Amazon may have just leaked Andromeda's 2017 release date.

If this isn't just a placeholder or a listing mistake by both Dark Horse and Amazon, we very well could be seeing Mass Effect: Andromeda launching much later than the January launch date we had hoped. It didn't help that the trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda left writer's breathless.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Could Release on March 21, 2017

Whoops! Amazon, that probably shouldn't be there!
Whoops! Amazon, that probably shouldn't be there!

When preparing for any major game release, EA has been pretty good about keeping us informed of what's going on. With N7 Day coming up in just a few short weeks, we're sure something related to Mass Effect Andromeda could be in the works. However, if all else proves true, we could very well be seeing the game drop at the end of EA's fiscal year. March 21, 2017 is a Tuesday, however, and most games do release on Tuesdays.

If this is all true, Amazon just stepped on EA's toes in their chance to surprise us with a much later release date than the January release window we'd all been hoping for. Lets just hope this is a placeholder.

An Art Book Launching Side-by-Side with the Game?

EA isn't a stranger to this practice. They've teamed up a multitude of times with the comic book publisher Dark Horse Comics. However, this is the first time that a leak of any sort has ever happened, if this is truly a leak. Let's be straight here, it won't be the first time this happens, and it certainly won't be the last.

Amazon has done this before and has quickly fixed the problem, but not after the damage has already been done. It could just be a placeholder date - plus, a March 21 release date assumes that Andromeda isn't delayed past March.

This one is one we can truly grow excited for due to the high amount of anticipation surrounding a series of such prestige. Now let's just hope we can get an HD collection of the Mass Effect Trilogy for now.


Is a March release date too far out, or are you fine with it coming out to fill the downtime this coming spring?


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