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What was your initial reaction when you first saw the trailer for 1-2 Switch? Were you excited for a new motion control game? Maybe you felt a little skeptical because of the kinds of games being showcased. Or maybe you were completely turned off by it because you found out it wasn't going to be bundled with the Nintendo Switch console, but rather, it was going to cost $50 on its own.

Let's Take A Look At The Trailer

At the start you don't exactly know what you're watching — until you see the two cowboys whip out their Joy-Cons. Your first thought is, "Wow! This looks pretty cool!" Then the trailer goes to show in rapid-fire succession the plethora of mini games you can play in 1-2 Switch.

The idea of the party game is to engage with your friends and not sit in solitary confinement, staring at the screen all day. At first glance, it seems like a lot of fun and certainly a unique idea. The game is inside the with the amazing technology they hold. It certainly seems worthy of the $50 price point. Plus, it boasts an impressive array of the aforementioned mini games. So let's talk about these little wonders.

The Mini Games

1-2 Switch has 28 mini games to be precise. That seems like a lot, but then you think back to the trailer, with its overly-excited actors portraying how to play 25 of them. It certainly sells you on the point that these unassuming handheld devices have a lot to offer.

Then you find out the game only has three more mini games than the demonstrated 25, and suddenly 25 doesn't seem like that much anymore.

While some of these cuts can be a little more involved, such as Sneaky Dice, where you have to communicate with your opponent and seemingly read each other's minds, others games, such as single-player Eating Contest, take as little as a few minutes to play. Then there are some games that just don't make sense, like Baby, which involves rocking an infant to sleep before laying it down gently.

[Image via Nintendo[
[Image via Nintendo[

Some games are worth playing over and over again, while others? Not so much. Still, with only 28 five-minute mini games, all of them should be worth playing on repeat.

Gameplay Value

It's no surprise that the replay value of the will vary. Some mini games are easier to lose interest in than others. Still, you can only play the same 28 games for so long. The gameplay, however, is limited. The point is to play with your friends and engage more socially, which is great, but it's also the downfall.

This one is just great! [Image via Nintendo]
This one is just great! [Image via Nintendo]

This game wouldn't be nearly as fun if you played against a computer, but I do think it would be interesting to have that option. Computer players could have an easy, medium, or difficult setting, and it would allow you to play the game whenever you wanted.

Unfortunately, that's not currently the case. Since 1-2 Switch is a multiplayer-only game, your playtime may be scarce. Unless you have siblings or friends who really enjoy it as much as you do, you won't be playing the game as much.

Between the cool technology, iffy mini games, and gameplay style, do you think 1-2 Switch is worth the $50? Let's chat in the comments below!

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