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It's been almost three years since Bayonetta 2 was released, and fans of the half hack 'n slash, half shoot 'em up series have been longing for a new, action-packed installment.

And strange activity on Platinum Games' YouTube channel indicate that is getting attention from the Japanese video game developer. That or one of their social media employees has gone rogue in a very weird way.

5 Really Cryptic 'Bayonetta' Video Clips

A couple of days ago, Platinum Games' YouTube channel started putting up really short clips from the games featuring Bayonetta, the series' protagonist, spouting smack talk nonsense. And though hilarious to be reunited with the foul-mouthed character once again, I couldn't help but feeling a bit confused about the whole reasoning behind the uploads.

Here's the first, cryptic video the company put up:

Uhm ok, I guess we won't f*** with a witch in the future...? What are we supposed to do with this clip? I can't figure it out. It was shortly followed by another:

Even more confusing. Perhaps the next clip will clear things up?

I guess not. But I see a pattern forming here:

Did you catch it? Remember to watch the whole thing. Again and again and again.

Confused yet? Let's try to come up with some kind of explanation to these seemingly meaningless video uploads. We like to overanalyze stuff after all.

'Bayonetta 3'? Or 'Bayonetta' For The Switch?

[Credit: Nintedo]
[Credit: Nintedo]

The obvious reason for the uploads is Platinum Games notifying us that something is 'up' with the Bayonetta series. But what exactly is up? The game has just arrived on PC, but is the series getting a new installment? Or are we gonna see a rework of the old games for the Nintendo Switch?

Nothing is certain and either would be awesome. But the fact that each clip in every upload is played three times has to mean something. Possibly, and most likely, that Bayonetta 3 is in the works.

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Which is great. But why the hell would Platinum Games tease it like this? Anyway, Bayonetta 3 sounds cool and hopefully it'll be released on the Nintendo Switch as well. Can't way to kick devil/angel ass in this really whacky series on my way to work.

What do you think the five video clips mean?


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