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We're officially getting a new game, and it's part of the main series. Metroid Prime 4 is in development.

During Nintendo's official Nintendo Spotlight announcement, the company revealed that Metroid Prime 4 will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Samus Aran is back, and the Prime series is getting a new addition for Nintendo's latest console.

It was a teeny, short title reveal, but it was a massive mic drop for the Switch. Check out the Metroid Prime 4 trailer below if you missed the Nintendo Spotlight stream.

Absolutely amazing. And fans are already turning to Twitter, blowing up with excitement over the reveal. Seeing how there hasn't been a new Metroid Prime game in nearly 10 years, bringing the series back onto Nintendo Switch is a huge love letter to the series' fans. Expect a lot of hype over the next few months.

Viewers Agree, 'Metroid Prime 4' Made Nintendo Win E3

[Source: Metroid Wiki]
[Source: Metroid Wiki]

There's been a lot of great reveals during E3 2017, from a new XCOM expansion pack to the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer trailer. But everyone loves Metroid. Most players grew up with Super Metroid and the original Metroid Prime, forever cementing the Metroid series as one of the best in video game history.

And most Nintendo fans have been dying for some sort of a sequel to the main series for years. The Wii U certainly didn't have one, Metroid: Other M was largely controversial among fans, and don't even bother asking about Metroid: Federation Force. Gamers were growing worried that Nintendo was shelving Metroid for the time being. Or at the very least, forever relegating Samus Aran to spin-off titles and cameos.

Of course, that's far from the case. And players are ecstatic that the Prime series is getting a fourth addition. Seeing how the Prime trilogy hosts some of the best video games in the entire industry's history, it's safe to say Metroid Prime 4 is fulfilling a lot of E3 wishlists around the world.

But don't take our word for it. Just see what the fans are saying. Some of them are absolutely speechless.

And while Metroid Prime 4 only received a small teaser, that's enough news for the Metroid fandom. Many fans are declaring Nintendo the official winners of E3 2017, saying that Prime 4 is about to bring fans back into some of the best Nintendo games in the entire company's history.

Which just goes to prove an important point. It doesn't matter if you have a two hour presentation or 44 games to show off. Fans prefer quality over quantity. And when you announce Metroid Prime 4 out of nowhere, well, that's a reveal everyone can get behind.

Where Is Nintendo Going With 'Metroid Prime 4'?

[Source: Nintendo]
[Source: Nintendo]

But Nintendo's teaser leaves many questions open. Where is Metroid Prime 4 headed? Who's working on it? When will it come out, and what will it look like? Will Samus Aran feature alongside other characters, will there be co-op? It's safe to say the Prime 4 reveal has left fans with a dozen questions that won't be answered right away.

Still, a new Metroid game is a big win for Nintendo. It's safe to say fans have made up their minds: the Nintendo Spotlight this year was an incredible experience. And with on the way, the is getting the lifeblood it needs to pull in new sales from hardcore gamers.

Are you excited for Metroid Prime 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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