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Weekly Famitsu sent out a survey to 24 Japanese developers to see their thoughts on the soon-to-be-released Nintendo Switch. The Switch has gained a lot of hype, but there are still fears it may turn out to be another disappointing Wii U. However, most of the developers' responses were positive.

Roughly half of the developers were firmly in favor and/or actively developing for the platform. Only one or two were negative about the Switch, and one resolutely didn't respond at all to the survey.

Nintendo's list of Switch partners in the original announcement.
Nintendo's list of Switch partners in the original announcement.

Most of the developers felt the price is on point, with only one saying it was too high. Its versatility between portable, tabletop, and console play modes was the most lauded feature, with the HD Rumble coming in second.

In the midst of the survey answers were a few additional tidbits about the upcoming platform:

  • The Switch is not meant to be the successor of the Wii U.
  • It won't be backward compatible for Wii U or 3DS games.
  • The Switch will come with both left and right Joy Con controllers, as well as the dock. The Joy Con Grip is unclear.
  • Specifications for the game cartridge and other accessories will be announced before launch.
  • Battery life will be announced later.
  • No answer right now about support for mobile games.

When asked about the controversial battery life, Nintendo responded that they designed the Switch to be able to play as long as possible in areas where there is no electrical outlet to plug in. Now, what this means in practice is another matter, since scenarios where one wouldn't have access to a wall plug vary greatly. It could be anything from spending the day at the park to going to the mall for an hour.

There were previous rumors about smartphone game support, and Weekly Famitsu asked Nintendo about it due to the processor it contains. Nintendo simply answered they didn't have an answer right now, which doesn't rule it out completely. They could be working on it or just considering it.

The Full Survey

Are you developing games for Nintendo Switch?

  • Yes: 54%
  • It’s being considered: 25%
  • No: 17%
  • Declined to answer: 4%

Do you plan to release games for Nintendo Switch in the future?

  • Yes: 46%
  • It’s being considered: 46%
  • Not at the moment: 4%
  • Declined to answer: 4%

Do you feel expectations from customers after the announcement of the Nintendo Switch?

  • Yes: 50%
  • I can’t say either way: 38%
  • No: 8%
  • Declined to answer: 4%

What was your impression about the price?

  • It’s appropriate: 67%
  • It’s cheap: 25%
  • It’s high: 4%
  • Declined to answer: 4%

What are your thoughts on paid online services?

  • Charging is unavoidable: 41%
  • Free was a better option if possible: 38%
  • I can’t say either way: 17%
  • Declined to answer: 4%

Please tell us about a feature that is particularly interesting. (multiple answers accepted)

  • Three play modes: 14 votes
  • HD Rumble: 10 votes
  • Joy-Con: 9 votes
  • Two-player local multiplater using Joy-Con: 8 votes
  • IR motion camera: 5 votes
  • Online services (interaction with smart devices): 4 votes
  • Local multiplayer (with multiple consoles): 2 votes
  • Ability to capture screenshots with one button press: 1 vote
  • Declined to answer: 1 vote

What genre do you think is suitable for the Nintendo Switch? (multiple answers accepted)

  • RPG: 18 votes
  • Action: 18 votes
  • Simulation: 14 votes
  • Puzzle: 14 votes
  • Racing: 14 votes
  • Adventure: 11 votes
  • Quiz: 11 votes
  • Simulator: 10 votes
  • FPS/TPS: 10 votes
  • Shooting: 7 votes
  • Declined to answer: 1 vote

What do you think is the most crucial element for Nintendo Switch to be successful?

  • Enriching the software: 34%
  • The launch of a killer application: 34%
  • Other: 20%
  • Marketing: 8%
  • Declined to answer: 4%

The Nintendo Switch releases worldwide on March 3rd.

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