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Video game marketing strategies are pretty unique. There's no other industry in the world that promotes itself in the same fashion, and E3, the most flamboyant week in gaming, was proof of just that. But while the West occasionally indulges in some bizarre approaches to getting people psyched for a new game, our friends across the water are absolute masters at it.

Some of the following trailers are (clearly?) designed to be humorous, while others simply highlight the fascinating cultural differences that pervade Japan. Buckle up, friends. Things are about to get crazy.

'Destiny: The Taken King' live action trailer

This Japanese live-action Destiny trailer is by far the best Japanese live-action Destiny trailer. Rather than opting for an epic trailer bereft of what playing the game is actually like, the creators behind this piece have actually managed to capture the Destiny spirit. It's addictive, you'll want all of your friends involved, and your pushy nature may actually freak them out. Have some pictures of the Guardian screaming:

'Detective Pikachu'

While not exactly a weird trailer, this promotional piece for Detective Pikachu gave us a look at how the beloved Pokemon would sound if he had a voice. It wasn't what anyone expected. Who would have thought that Pikachu was a disgruntled old chain-smoker whose detective work has clearly got him drinking HARD?

PS4 Line-up trailer 2016

I'm not really sure if this works, but I'm so glad it exists simply for the shot of the enormous, naked Titan running through the streets with the most jovial of...rap beats? I don't even know what to call this. Here's a tiny GIF of a big, beautiful moment:

'Natsuiro High School'

What starts off as a perfectly normal trailer for what appears to be a run of the mill JRPG turns into a bizarre "adventure" following a young boy who must utilize his stealth skills to take pictures up girls skirts...wait, what?!

Oh...oh dear.

'Valhalla Knights 3'

I genuinely don't know. This confuses me on more levels than you could possibly comprehend, and I really don't think subtitles would clear any of it up. Like...WHAT?! Why are there two terribly dubbed actors appearing on a cooking show advertising a video game that has nothing to do with any of this? I mean, you're likely to remember the advert...but...

Anyway, here are some really weird screenshots:

Why is she whisking his nipple...?

Sega Saturn holiday commercial

Literally the most terrifying Santa imaginable. Just some guy strutting into your house, tearing off a mask, and then shoving the Sega Saturn in your face. "PLAY THE DAMN THING!" Segata Sanshiro is equal parts hilarious and petrifying. Japan.

'Hey You, Pikachu!'

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite gaming adverts ever. It's promoting the peripheral device for the Nintendo 64 that was supposed to be used in conjunction with the (terrible) Hey You, Pikachu! game. It allowed you to say Pikachu's name into a mic and see the little guy actually respond in-game. If only the experience was as mind-blowing as it is for this gentleman.

'Tearaway Unfolded'

But...but why? Why is there a woman in a white void in a safari getup expressionlessly playing Tearaway? I mean, the music is exuberant and the gameplay looks like so much fun, but the camera keeps cutting back to her. She then becomes some kind of angel? All you can do is laugh at the entertainment. Attempting to decipher this trailer's logic will likely result in an aneurysm. You're welcome:


This is it. This is the best trailer for a Blizzard game. Everyone losing their minds because their boss congratulated an employee on their good work. I literally cannot decide which reaction I like the most:

These trailers are indicative of why I am so in love with Japan's culture. I mean, this stuff is normal to them! Let us know what you thought of these beautiful creations in the comments below.

Which of these trailers was your favorite?


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