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The surprising success of Keanu Reeves' return to the action genre with John Wick in 2014 has led to the inevitable bullet-ridden sequel. Everything has been moved to Rome, the stakes are a hell of lot higher, the cast is more star studded than ever and there's a second dog on set. Perfect.

But there's one thing better than seeing a trailer for a Keanu Reeves action movie, and that's seeing a trailer for a Keanu Reeves action movie remade entirely within Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5. While we're usually more inclined to watch 100 people stop a jumbo jet or a tram lose its mind as it collides with a crowd, this is pretty awesome.

John Wick 2 Starring Michael From GTA V

If you've yet to check out the trailer for John Wick 2 be sure to do so below, it'll make the GTA V clip all the more delicious.

With that out of the way, on to the GTA madness!

Created by DarkDark Productions on YouTube, this GTA recreation perfectly ties in with moments of the film's first trailer. Let's see how close they really are.

How John Wick Gets Ready

Stylish. But what about Michael?!

Impressive, De Santa. But can you do this?!

How John Wick Shoots People Underground

Check out that slide! Does Michael have what it takes to replicate such an elaborate tactical manoeuvre?

My good lord, he really does!

How John Wick Hits People With A Taxi

Now we all know that Michael is a master of using taxis to beat up civilians!

Look at him go, the man's a natural.

How John Wick Attends A Function He Wasn't Invited To

Look at Wick, pulling up to the house party like, "Okay, where's the dick who didn't invite me?!"

That's some great Wicking right there, Michael.

You can check out the full GTA V trailer below! Enjoy yourselves.

Are you excited for John Wick 2?


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