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Heya, Creators and curious internet goers!

Here on Now Loading we’re gearing up for the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon and we’d like you to consider yourself formally invited to join the fun! In our community Creators Chat, we’re setting up a side group just for people interested in talking and writing about Pokémon on the site!

Heck, you can bet we’ll even be trading between Sun and Moon! (So help me, if I don’t get an Alolan Ninetales because I got Moon instead of Sun...)

Trainers, Unite!

Typical day in Creators Chat
Typical day in Creators Chat

Since our community has been so active in Pokémon GO and are all super stoked about the lead-up to Pokémon Sun & Moon, we want to make sure there’s a place for you all to gather and nerd out about Pokémon together. So, enter the PokemonTrainersClub chat room on Creators Chat!

Also, we have a writing contest still going on until Friday, November 18th, where you can write a post about Pokémon to win a free 3DS and copy of either Sun or Moon! Check out the contest page for more details.

Jump Into Creators Chat!

Our community uses the platform to write about pop culture and the very best gaming content is curated here to Our Verified Creators can even earn money based on article views they get - think YouTube for writing!

If you don't see the public PokemonTrainersClub chat right away, either use this link or join manually:

What are you waiting for? Join up and jump into the group any time, we’ll be here debating which starter is the best (Rowlet, duh) and what our team is going to look like!

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