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The original Gears of War trilogy took the video game industry by storm, notching impressive sales numbers and garnering fans with every unit sold. The first three games in the franchise sold 22 million units and made over $1 billion. The ongoing saga of Marcus Fenix trying to save humanity from Locust and Lambent forces captured imaginations everywhere, it seemed, and a movie has been going through various stages of development over the last several years.

With Gears Of War 4, players are back, this time working with JD Fenix, son of the legendary Marcus Fenix, who with his team celebrated their victory over Locust and Lambent forces. Twenty-five years later JD has his own new team, and Gears of War 4 marks the first time that players won't be playing as one of Marcus Fenix's team members. That means that players need to become familiar with these new team players:

1. JD Fenix (Voice: Liam McIntyre)

JD is the default Player One character, and is definitely more of a peaceful sort of individual than his father Marcus was. That only makes sense, as in the 25 years since Marcus Fenix defeated Lambent and Locust forces, JD has only ever known peace, and the relationship between him and his father seems somewhat strained.

  • JD became a lieutenant with the COG special forces but went AWOL with his friend Del Walker following a classified incident, and met up with Kait Diaz and the Outsiders.
  • JD is described as a bit goofy and as wanting to live his life with purpose.
  • The voice actor behind JD Fenix, Liam McIntyre, played Weather Wizard in The Flash and played Spartacus in Seasons 2 and 3 of Spartacus following Andy Whitfield's passing.

2. Kait Diaz (Voice: Laura Bailey)

Unlike JD, Kait grew up as an Outsider and didn't run away from all that she knew. Her mother Reyna is not impressed by her tight bond with JD. When Reyna and the rest of Kait's village are abducted by the Swarm, JD, Kait and Del follow in hot pursuit. A survivalist, Kait has the resources and the quick wit to ensure that she and the boys survive.

  • Laura Bailey, who voices Kait, has voiced a number of characters in animated shows and video games, including Spartan Olympia Vale in Halo 5: Guardians, the Boss in Saints Row III and Saints Row IV, Fiona in Tales From The Borderlands and Jaina Proudmoore in World of Warcraft.
  • Kait can be a Player Two selectable character in co-op missions.

3. Delmont 'Del' Walker (Voice: Eugene Byrd)

Del became a COG orphan and later a Gear with JD. When things went south in the classified incident, he left with JD to join the Outsiders. Del and JD share some fun banter at times during missions, and Del can also be a selectable player for Player Two in co-op missions as well. Not much is known thus far about Del or his family life, save for the fact that he and JD are best friends.

  • Eugene Byrd, who voices Del, has also put in appearances in shows like Bones and Arrow, and also voiced Marcus "Boomer" Boone in Battlefield Hardline.

4. Marcus Fenix (Voice: John DiMaggio),144,3840,1920&w=1024&dpr=2&auto=format,compress&q=75,144,3840,1920&w=1024&dpr=2&auto=format,compress&q=75

It wouldn't be a Gears Of War game without an appearance by Marcus Fenix, who seems to be on hand to give JD well-meaning, but combative, fatherly stress. While it seems that JD and Marcus were relatively close when JD was little, following a stint at boarding school they are at loggerheads. When they're in combat, Marcus and JD are constantly shooting barbs at each other, which leads to nothing but strife for the two Fenix men.

  • The voice behind Marcus Fenix is John DiMaggio, who is probably best known for his role as Bender in Futurama.

5. Oscar Diaz (Voice: Jimmy Smits)

Kait's uncle and Reyna's brother-in-law views JD and Del as interlopers who had no business running away from the COG. He dislikes what he sees as their smugness and feels that JD and Del walked away from their duties as Gears. On the plus side, though, Oscar loves wine and women, and — between his opinionated nature and his fierce warrior behavior — he keeps things interesting with the Outsiders.

  • Jimmy Smits's most recent cinematic appearance was in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, reprising his role as Bail Organa.

6. Reyna Diaz (Voice: Justina Machado)

Reyna Diaz is the leader of an Outsider village and, with her brother-in-law Oscar, protects the people within it.

Reyna is a brilliant tactician and is a fierce warrior — Kait got her fighting skills from somewhere! The interesting thing about Reyna is that she doesn't even attempt to coddle her people at any point when things might get scary for them. She views JD and Del with a bit of a disdainful eye, but tolerates them being there after they alert the village to a COG retaliation after the COG was raided by her people.

  • Justina Machado, who voices Reyna, also appeared on Six Feet Under and Major Crimes, and will also be starring as Penelope in the 2017 version of the classic sitcom One Day At A Time.

Gears Of War 4 — As Big As The Rest?

As of right now, it's not anticipated that Gears Of War 4 will be as big of a seller as the other games in the series, though it's generated a fair bit of interest since the game bowed in October 2016. Of course, to ensure continuity, Marcus Fenix does appear in Gears of War 4 as the father figure and guide for JD, and that will no doubt continue to be a draw for those who have previously been intrigued by the series.

Meanwhile, Gears Of War 4 will be of huge appeal to those looking for more aliens to shoot up — so get some!

Who is your favorite character in Gears Of War 4? Let us know in the comments below!


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